Just lay there for a while.  It could be the most productive thing you do for the day.  Did you dream? If so, what did your dream mean?  Where did you go? Who visited you?  

The answer to these questions will tell you where you’ve been, where you’re going, and where you need to be.  This destination will either be tied to your worst fear, or your greatest accomplishment.  Either way, embrace it.  For better or for worse, embrace it.  

Fear? Go towards it.  Look at it.  Stand with this ugly beast.  The first step to progress is awareness.  And right now you’re so aware, so much so you might be spinning 360’s on your mattress, mentally.  Throw an anchor and find solace knowing what gets at you.  Pull a switch blade – your plan, so specific and detailed that you carve our the guts of what fears you the most.  You will win this battle, because you’re still here, you’re still alive, so this only means that fear cannot defeat you.  You are undefeatable.

It will be interesting: Creating The Life You Want

Your greatest accomplishment?  Good.  This is good.  Embrace it.  Hug it.  Get really cozy with it.  Get possessive with it.  Latch on, don’t let go.  Be at one with this dream, this vision, this desire. Let it overwhelm you.  Feel it from your ankles to your torso to your shoulders to the tips of your ears.  Let the light of success consume you, now you have the power.  You control the light.  You control your surroundings, your decisions, your company, your life.  

Neo in the Matrix put his hand out to stop bullets, you can do the same.  Yes, you.  You can do the same.  Stop complaining, stop judging, stop negativity in its tracks.  And start believing that you already achieved your greatest accomplishment, mentally.  You’re capable.  You’re smart enough.  You’re strong enough.  You’re awake.  All you need to do now is go out and work on it.  Laugh at ridicule.  Stop it with just a look.  Put your chin up.  Now go, get up, and work on it.

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