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Want to join our network and become a contributor? We’re always looking for expert contributors on health tips, sex, relationships, dating tips, stories, fashion buzz and everything else in between. We want writers who are passionate and have something important and valuable to say to our readers. If you think this is you, please contact us!

Here’s What We Publish

Eligible Lifestyle: Men’s and women’s fashion, travel, entertainment, wine and dine and gossip.

Workouts/Fitness: Videos, slideshows with great photos, all from certified personal trainers and accredited instructors from all realms. HIIT, barre, treadmill, yoga, dance, Pilates — we love it all.

Healthy Eating: Recipe posts, or roundups of healthy dishes from RDs and the healthy blogosphere. Great, high resolution photos are a necessity.

Relationship, Dating, Sex:  Girl talk, guy talk, sex talk, relationship tips, advice.

Wellness: MD pieces and well-reported stories or personal essays about everything from injuries to illness and stress-relief, Men & Women’s Fitness.

Here’s What We’re Looking For From You

For experts: Credentials for writing with authority. That means official, earned designations, so our readers can trust the info they’re getting!

For bloggers and influencers: Researched articles and stories, with references to primary sources (peer-reviewed journals, dietitians, certified personal trainers, doctors), gif roundup stories and personal essays.

Here’s How You’ll Benefits

  • as a regular contributor your articles will appear once a month and often be featured.
  • we will promote your article in all of our social media channels
  • we will promote your personal/professional brand in all of our social channels
  • we will work with you on any affiliate programs that you may have

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