It’s not just fashion and beauty standards that women seem to be having trouble keeping up with; standards of something which is natural and a human instinct has unfortunately been added to a standard category. But when it comes to sex, ladies, enjoy it. Don’t ‘perform’ it. Media messages tend to continuously highlight how sex can be ‘performed’ better than ever to women through TV series, movies, books, and magazines.

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Distressed about what new techniques to put into play to raise the bedroom temperature, women forget that core essence of sex; for both their partner and themselves to enjoy it. If the focus remains on your ‘performance’, sex would become a chore rather than a source of pleasure; eventually leading to the aftermath of worry if your ‘performance’ was good enough for your partner. To follow and focus on your basic instincts would not only satisfy your sexual needs but would also allow you to bond with your partner while ‘doing the deed’.





1. Eternal Youth:

The Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland state that individuals in emotionally stable and committed relationships that were enjoying sex at least four times a week appeared to be seven to twelve years younger than their actual age! Scientifically, testosterone and estrogen hormones released during sex make the body look younger. Specifically for women, it keeps our skin soft and supple with hair that shines!




2. Casts depression away:

Now we all know orgasms are the best thing, ever. But there’s a scientific reason for its awesomeness too; orgasms boost serotonin, endorphins, and opioids that make the chemicals in our brain sing with joy, literally! Ladies, that is your key reminder to not focus on your ‘performance’ of sex, but rather focus on enjoying the ‘deed’.

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3. Regulates the monthly monster:

It’s an age-old dilemma when the raging period monster isn’t on time. Columbia and Stanford’s endocrinologists state that women who have sex at least once a week, their menstrual cycle is regularized in comparison to women who are not sexually active.

4. Reconnecting with our inner Sleeping Beauty:

Been missing out on that much needed beauty-sleep? The answer is sex. The Journal of Women’s Health state that the hormone production during intercourse releases euphoric oxytocin and decreases the production of the stress hormone cortisol. This process causes your body to shift into a relaxed mode that leads to a sound sleep.


5. Boosts your sass:

In a study done by Medical Press it was scientifically proven that women who get vaginal orgasms experience positive energy, sensuality, and freedom. What does that teach us, ladies? When we enjoy sex instead of performing it we get orgasms, when we get orgasms there’s a certain spunk that elevates our sass!




6. Sex trumps money:

Ladies, we’re already hustling when it comes to making money, we shouldn’t have to worry about our ‘performance’ in the bedroom too. The National Bureau of Economic Research states that sex makes people happier than money, so focus on enjoying your time ‘doing the deed’, you deserve it!


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