Social media is a huge part of our society and our own daily lives. In the past decade, the interest of social media has grown through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and much more. Although there are benefits to actively using social media like staying informed and knowledgeable about the news and current events in our society there are also negative implications too. To combat these negative factors of social media, sometimes people go on a social media cleanse to refresh their minds and take time to appreciate themselves without the influence of social media.

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What Is A Social Media Cleanse?
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For a certain amount of time, delete your social media apps or do not check any platforms. Unlike juice cleanses there is not a specific number of time that you need to abandon your social media, take as long as you want and as long as you feel is appropriate. Once you feel happy enough with yourself and your own life that you do not feel like you must attain and replicate what people post about on their accounts. Sometimes people delete their accounts altogether and other times people keep their accounts and just delete the apps so that they are forced not to use them.

Why Do A Social Media Cleanse?
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Social media surrounds us and has a huge impact on our lives. Cellphones have grown so much over the years and now, with a smartphone, you have any piece of information accessible at your fingertips. Social media apps like Instagram and Twitter, for example, contain a lot of information that is not necessarily true in terms of body standards and lifestyles for both men and women. Viewing people with the “perfect” body, face, car, house, life, etc. can understandably make you feel upset and unhappy with yourself and your own life which is not good. It is hard to ignore these societal standards that are understood through these social media outlets because they are a huge part of our daily lives since most people use their smartphones pretty frequently throughout the day.

How Will The Social Media Cleanse Help?
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Taking a break from social media allows you to de-tatch yourself from the world of the media and focus on appreciating your own life more than you would have comparing it to other people’s on social media platforms. Allowing yourself to take some time and de-clutter your mind from the biased and filtered posts that you see constantly on social media can positively influence your mental health and self-confidence/self-appreciation. It is so important to realize that what we see on social media sometimes is not realistic and just because we view these “perfect” posts from celebrities and people we look up to does not mean that we need to fulfill those, mostly unattainable, goals and lifestyles.

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We must remember that a lot of material on social media is fabricated and filtered to meet common societal fads and standards. Remember to appreciate yourself for who you are and to love yourself despite your differences, learn to embrace and appreciate those differences instead.

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