Great summer beauty buys are the proverbial white whale of the cosmetics industry. Finding products that won’t melt all over your face is tricky. That’s why we’ve prepared this handy list of makeup smash hits.

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Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver ($41.00, Sephora)

 If you want the most gorgeously shiny, not-sticky, beautifully pink lips, then this product is for you. It is the epitome of no-makeup-makeup. This is one of Dior’s holy-grail mainstay products, available in nine tints. Dior also offers the product in three finishes, which include matte, satin, and shimmer. The product is designed through science (and magic, no doubt) to adjust its tint to complement the wearer’s skin tone, which makes it the perfect gift for anyone on your list! This lip color gives its wearers the most flush, glorious look. I myself use the original glow tint in the summer, but I’m eyeing the “Berry In Satin” finish for the winter months.

Yes, you are correct to balk at the cost. However, while I’ve searched high and low, I have yet to find a product at a lower price point that achieves the same results. It’s equally perfect for a hot day at the beach, or a hot first date. It’s the ideal product for when want a hint of colour and shine, without the risk of transferring colour to your sangria (or your date). Plus, the packaging is as luxurious as the look on your lips.  

Nemat International – Fragrance Oil ($22.99, Jacob and Sebastian)

It is hard to cut through the stickiness, humidity, and sweat of summer. But Nemat’s oils – sourced from India – do just that. The oils come in convenient roll on glass bottles, which are perfect for sticking in your purse. And they are super convenient for packing in your suitcase for your next vacation. This is a fragrance where you won’t have to worry about it being confiscated at the airport for exceeding the allowable size for liquids or gels. Nemat International’s fragrance oils come in eight scents – Sandalwood, Patchouli, Egyptian Musk, Musk Amber, Vanilla Musk, Amber, and White Musk. These oils are great to layer, or wear all on their own. Personally, I alternate between the Amber and White Musk. They’re both clean and fresh scent. So fresh, in fact, that my friends often tell me, “Kaley, smell like a baby!” Could there possibly be a better scent-related compliment?

If you’re not already sold on these oils, then allow me to share their greatest strength – they last all day. Apply your fragrance of choice in the morning, sweat all day, come home and shower, put on your pajamas and hop into bed, sniff your wrists and they still smell like divine Amber. For $22.99 this product is a midsummer night’s dream.

Sephora Collection – Long-Lasting 12 HR Wear Eye Liner ($15.00, Sephora)

Obviously, summer can be a sweaty, horrifying mess. On a perfectly humid day, even my eyelids aren’t immune to perspiration, which means eyeshadow is typically a no-go. But if I want to add a pop of colour that drip so much it creates an inkblot on my face, I swipe one of these bad boys across my lash line. As soon as this makeup is applied, I feel fly. The Sephora long-lasting eye liner formula comes in six shades – Matte Black (self-explanatory), Dark Brown (also self-explanatory), Glitter Brown (my personal fave!), Fancy Blue (a matte, bright, azure blue), and Fancy Violet (a metallic amethyst). With such selection, you’ll definitely find the right colour to shade away the brow sweat!

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna – Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set ($28.00, Sephora)

I’m fairly certain Rihanna doesn’t need my endorsement. However, holy hell, this was one of the best $28 I have ever spent. The product is a beautiful nude with a hint of pink, offering the tiniest microglitter to brighten your look. I honestly reach for the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter every single day.  And the best part is, this sucker is tiny enough to fit in your purse. That means you can glow yourself – or your friends – while  waiting in line for weekend brunch! Bless you, Rihanna. 

Organic Witch Hazel Hydrosol-Pure and Simple ($21.95, Pure and Simple)

The summer weather is hard on your skin. And this single-ingredient hydrosol is perfect to help refresh your epidermis after a sweltering summer day. Witch Hazel is a purifying astringent with anti-inflammatory properties. While other toners and hydrosols add loads of ingredients to their formulas, I use the Pure and Simple product because it’s made with steam-distilled witch hazel. It’s completely pure and extremely simple. Here’s a beauty buy that’s truly worthy of its name! 

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