Scoring a date with her in itself, is half the battle in today’s gritty dating world. Ideally, the more spontaneous your date offer, the more vim and thrill it packs. Amid all the short attention span and varying schedules, the odds of her flaking or rescheduling are far reduced, the closer the date is, from its actual proposal. As a rule of thumb, keep your date offer within 3 days maximum, while availing yourself of same-day dates, in the name of spontaneity.

In the spirit of spring-dating cleaning, it’s high time you dusted off any first date conversational rusts. Sure, she’s accepted your date offer, but if you intend on securing return dates, your first date impressions must be off the charts. Don’t end up getting “X”-ed and marked out, after your first date with her! The top 3 ways of wowing her with your conversational prowess on the first date are as follows:

1. No EXtensive Serious Talk

Remember it’s date night, not an interrogation or interview. Be funny and don’t be so serious. Your political or religious affiliation has no bearing at this juncture. Simply enjoy her company with light and uncontroversial subjects. The first date is ALWAYS about HER, so let her chime in more.

2. No EX Talk

Nothing is flattering about sharing sordid details of your failed relationships. Worse is badmouthing an ex, as it speaks extremely ill of you. Keep the ex talk to a cursory level if she broaches the subject. If she doesn’t, then refrain from even discussing your ex.

3. No EXplicit Behaviour

Touchy-feely much? The implicit pressures of a first date kiss and sex are of great concerns for many women, who instantly get turned off by men who make a move too soon. Unless she’s initiating physical contact, keep your hands to yourself. A mistimed kiss or breaking into her personal space, can ultimately create an insurmountably awkward moment, in ruining an otherwise great night.

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