Spring has sprung and for many of us that means planting the seeds to help Mother Nature birth an endless supply of life-giving possibilities. We’ve all heard the saying time and time again, “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees,” but that’s simply not true! We can use the Laws of the Universe to sow the seeds and, like magic, watch our own personal money tree grow!

As a counselor and hypnotherapist specializing in the field of metaphysics, I begin with a basic but powerful premise: that all things in existence, both things we can see (physical) and those that we cannot (universal), are based on energy, including money flow! In fact, money may be one of the best metaphors for energy there is. It moves through our society invisibly, digitally, yet powers everything around us.

What determines our Personal Flow of Money?

money does grow on trees

In my practice when working with clients who are seeking prosperity manifestation, I explain how this works. I begin, “Your money flow is actually dependent upon you.” Most of the time, the response is the same, an eyebrow raise, so I continue by asking, “What are your true emotions regarding money? Fear, worry, resentment or panic?”

I then ask, “Ever find yourself thinking these types of negative thoughts?”

  • There never seems to be enough.
  • Being generous with my giving is not an option.
  • Good luck never happens to me.

Inevitably, the answer is yes. Sometimes people have very elaborate rationales for why they will never be prosperous—and yet still don’t see that their thinking is affecting their reality. I ask them to consider why rich people tend to stay rich, and poor people tend to stay poor. Statistics even show lottery winnings are lost at an alarming rate. Why is that? It’s because your belief about money—and about yourself—creates your flow of money through the mechanisms of goodwill and opportunity. Ah, a moment of clarity. The eyebrow raise immediately turns into a jaw-dropping realization.

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Emotional Energy (your vibration) generates Physical Energy (your prosperity)

Emotions can and will accelerate energy direction. Like energy attracts like energy so you want to always keep it positive. Since your money flow is dictated by your emotional energy (how you feel about money), you must never fear, worry, or panic over finances because any negativity will affect your prosperity (your physical energy). Universal energy must correspond to your vibration. It cannot contradict itself in any way. If you find yourself worrying, don’t worry about worrying! Just put the thought aside. Tell yourself that is the past you, not the current you. In time, it will become second nature.

Can we actually go from a state of financial lack to financial gain? With a redirection of energy, the answer is yes!

money does grow on trees

Energy inhabits all space. It cannot be created nor destroyed, only redirected. By applying these simple steps you can shift your energetic money flow towards abundance because Energy must follow Universal Laws!

  1. Universal Law of Abundance: This law states that we have access to an unlimited supply of financial prosperity through the infinite source of the universe. Lack is only an option. Abundance is already yours! This is something you can meditate on until you feel it. It may help to do this in a place of peace and beauty: a garden, the beach, the woods, or even an art museum.
  2. Universal Law of Giving and Receiving: This law dictates that we must give to receive. We cannot resist giving and be desperate to receive; this disrupts energy flow. If we stop the flow of giving, we stop the flow of receiving. Energy must be able to flow in and out of your life. Give of your possessions, your talents, your attention and warmth. Be open. Enjoy giving.
  3. Universal Law of Cause and Effect (or Karma): This law states for every Cause there is an Effect and for every Effect there is a Cause. Nothing happens by chance. This law determines your destiny: what you give, you will receive.

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By following these steps in conjunction with belief and positivity, you will see that abundance has been yours all along! Mother Nature has demonstrated the life-giving possibilities of endless prosperity through universal wisdom using the seeds you have planted. Money Does Grow on Trees!

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