Vacationing as a couple is a milestone in any new relationship. Being able to spend entire days on end together gives you the time to get to know each other on a deeper level. Excitement runs high with the planning and anticipation of the upcoming trip. The following tips help ensure that your first vacation as a couple is amazing!


Talk ahead of time about how each person normally vacations. Some people are all about relaxing as much as possible when they go away, while others prefer to spend the whole day exploring new places. If you discover that you and your partner are at two different ends of the vacationing spectrum, compromise is key. It is important to discuss vacation styles in advance so that an experience is planned where both parties come home feeling satisfied.


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Discuss a travel budget. Money talks can be uncomfortable and are very necessary. Setting a travel budget prevents negative emotions from an excessive credit card bill a few weeks after the vacation. Having a budgetary discussion ahead of time gives both partners the opportunity to express their expectations about how money will be spent during the trip. Even if each person has a very different travel style there is still time to compromise prior to departure.

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Sorting all of this out before the vacation begins ensures a greater experience for both parties.

Set Expectations

Have realistic expectations. Overall happiness levels with any vacation experience are directly tied to expectations going into the vacation. While it may sound romantic to have one person plan the trip for the other, this situation could lead to unrealistic expectations for one or both partners. Getting both parties involved in trip planning helps each person have a better understanding of what is really important to their partner when taking a vacation. For example, letting your partner know ahead of time that you like to go out to a fancy dinner once per vacation increases the odds that it will happen. Or, what if you need some alone time every day? Let your partner know that you’ll be taking a 30-minute solo walk each morning. Knowing this ahead of time will help prevent hurt feelings. Giving your partner a heads up allows them to pack something, that they may have otherwise left home, to fill that time. Both people giving input ahead of time allows reasonable expectations to be set and contributes to a wonderful vacation.


wonderful vacation

Be prepared. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than realizing you left your contacts at home when you’re finally about to realize your dream of swimming with dolphins. Take the time to create a list of everything that will be needed on this trip plus a few additional items that may be handy based on the destination. Cross off each item as it is packed. Being well prepared ensures a smoother, more relaxing vacation experience.

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Your first vacation together is a fun and exciting time in any relationship. A little planning and preparation ensures it will be the first of many!

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