Summertime means festivity; there’s always a certain spunk in the air that makes you want to go out and about! With such radiant vibes bursting through, it’s next to impossible to hold your inner diva back and play it simple. Magazine4You has your mini-guide to spice up your summer wardrobe, so what are you waiting for girl? Let that inner diva of yours shine through and strut your way through Summer’s bliss!

Vintage Tee-shirts

Just because the sweltering heat is scorching away, doesn’t mean your inner diva needs to hold back. A vintage tee-shirt paired with your ever comfy ripped jeans will be a style statement in itself. Now if you opt for a bold colored vintage tee-shirt then that color pop will certainly spice up your wardrobe!

Statement Hat

Now with 2-in-1 wardrobe spice up you can never go wrong! While your hat protects your face from those wretched UV rays that could lead to wrinkles (cringe), a hat can also transform your entire outfit. With your basic tee-shirt and shorts, a hat can add that flair which will make your inner diva twirl in the sun!




It isn’t exactly the best feeling when we have our hair sticking to the back of our neck, especially on humid days! If you’re strictly a pony-tail girl during the warm summer months then the ultimate way to spice up your look is with statement earrings. They’d surely light your face and compliment your ponytail days!

Paris-FW-IM-mirror-glasses-2012 issey mayake show- street style-fashionable sunglasses

Every diva needs a pair of shades that scream ‘glamor’. What better time of the year than now to go all out with a bold pair that’ll give you that Hollywood vibe! Other than its fashion benefits, sunglasses aid in screening the sun’s harsh rays from your eyes that can lead to terrible headaches.

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Flowy Skirts

If you’re feeling the bohemian vibe this summer then there’s no better way to spice up your wardrobe than with a flowy skirt! Not only will it keep the breeze coming through on sticky hot days, but opting for soft pastel colors will also be cooling to the eyes; letting your inner diva float through a blistering summer day.

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