Summer is here and so of course, that means it’s time for a new, fresh summer wardrobe. It’s the season of bold patterns and pretty pastels, cute crop tops, sleeveless tops, and the flirty dresses. A new summer wardrobe however, isn’t so fun when it’s bombarded with fashion no no’s and a long list of style guidelines, which is how it can feel for those women out there who are curvy, and fit into a pant size larger than a 2.

It's The Summer For Breaking The Rules And Looking Amazing

For decades, the fashion industry, and society in general has been drilling into our heads, what the perfect woman should look like. She’s tall, thin, flawless, and not so easily achievable nor realistic. If a woman does not fit the criteria, the fashion world is there to help them out with a set of fashion rules to follow.

The rules are there to help us achieve this ideal look, promising that it will “help you look slimmer” or “takes off 10 pounds instantly” but really all they do is turn women into constant yoga pant wearing, black everything, boring and bland individuals.

These confining rules only cover us up and hinder women from fully expressing and enjoying their bodies and personal sense of style. Here are the rules that are cramping our style, that you should be avoiding this summer.

It's The Summer For Breaking The Rules And Looking Amazing

Rule #1: Stick to black

Plus size women are told to stick to black because it’s slimming and will make you appear smaller. This can go overboard, and turn into all black everything, making for a very bland and depressing closet and daily wardrobe. White on the other hand, has a big red X through it when it comes to curvy ladies and they are taught to avoid it like the plague. It’s known not to be “flattering.” When really, white can look flattering on anyone, no matter the body type. Flattering has less to do with the colour, and more to do with the fit. Wearing all white shows confidence, which is the most attractive attribute, and is a great look for a warm summer day. It is also really fun to find a bold accessory or shoe colour to finish off the outfit.

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Rule #2: Do not wear fitted clothing

Don’t think twice before breaking this one. So many women get comfortable going for looser clothing, and avoid the clothes that hug their bodies, when fitted clothes are actually much more flattering. Loose clothing can do the opposite and make you appear larger. So stop hiding under your clothes, and instead work to accentuate your assets.

It's The Summer For Breaking The Rules And Looking Amazing

Rule #3: Avoid big patterns and bright colours as they call too much attention to your shape

This takes all the fun out of dressing, especially in the summer time when the shops are full of adorable florals, and stripes, not to mention the pastels that seem to surface every year. Don’t stop yourself from partaking in the fun. Buy that pineapple printed dress and rock it.

Rule #4: Never show too much skin

Curvy woman are taught to never show too much skin, wear sleeves, get a longer dress, and don’t even think about that cute crop top. But summer’s a great time to show a little skin, and get away with it.

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Rule #5: Jeans are not your friend

Again, it’s the same as fitted clothing, jeans that hug the body can actually be extremely flattering and can work in your favour by showing off that god given booty.

Summer should be a time to change things up and try something new. So be brave, break all the rules, and wear what you’ve always been told not to this season, you’ll look and feel better for it.

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