Undeniably, stress is as natural in our lives as is breathing. May it be small stresses of daily life which keep you on your toes or life-changing stresses that swallow you whole; it is essential to recognize your stresses and tackle the root of the problem by looking at it dead in the eye, fearlessly! Primarily, it is absolutely necessary to identify what is it that allows you to blow off steam when life is challenging you with obstacles. It is vital to know what allows you to release stress in order to retreat to your stress-buster and rejuvenate yourself, then come back onto life’s battlefield, revitalized to conquer all! Where every individual has their own stress-buster, Magazine4You is here to give you the 411 on the ultimate guide to tackling your stresses with the big-4 detox.

Physical Detox

Our body signals us how to react to stress, where some will want to scream into a pillow others may want to punch their fist into the wall (hey, we’ve all been there before!). Your body basically signals you to channel your stress out by releasing your negative energy generated as a result of a stressful event. A physical detox does not necessarily mean that you need to break out into a full cardio workout to blow off steam. Although that may work for some people who are already aware of their physical stress-buster, it may not be the same case for you. Sometimes all it takes is to step out and take a break from your usual surroundings, gulp down

all that fresh air you’ve been missing out on and take a long walk.

You do not have to know where you’re heading, in fact getting a

little lost along the way may even lead you to find the serenity you’re in search for.

Mental Detox

It is difficult to think straight when your brain is wracking itself by working overtime during a stressful phase. We do not realize it, but sometimes we overwork our mind by not giving it an overdue break. The absolute essential way to mentally detox is to sit yourself down and have a pep-talk, with yourself! Initially, it sounds odd, but haven’t you noticed that when someone is giving you advice regarding an issue there are instances where you are fully mentally aware of whether or not it will be of help. The reason for that is because nobody knows you, more than yourself. There are stressful phases in our life that occur where most of the time we already know the solution to the problem but are unaware of how to reach that solution because of all the ‘traffic’ that’s lined up in our head. Prioritize your alone time during stressful phases which would allow you to identify and analyze the underlying problem causing stress, then pep-talk yourself into positivity that with determination anything can be overcome!

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Emotional Detox

There is not enough emphasis on the vitality of communication when it comes down to busting stress. Surely, ‘me time’ is important when you want to clear your head, but there’s a thin line between wanting space from people and completely isolating yourself by going into a lonesome shell. Expressing emotions is an effective form of releasing negative thoughts by voicing them out loud to those who you know are compassionately hearing you out. The basic mistake we tend to make while under stress is to bottle up all that we are emotionally experiencing. This does not mean that when you are distraught you throw a pity party for yourself and invite everyone for a show. It means that by expressing yourself about how you feel when stressed out and wanting to lean on a family member, friend or your partner for emotional-comfort is absolutely normal.


Unconsciously, while portraying to everyone in our vicinity that we’ve got our life in control we forget that we are all in it together. Every individual is struggling to ‘make it’ and you should never hesitate to share your battles and sorrows with those who are close to you. Doing so will not only lessen the burden on your tiring heart but it will also allow others to realize that they’re not the only ones whose life has speed bumps and detours! Share the pain and combat life together with your loved ones.

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Spiritual Detox

This one is my personal favorite and number one go-to stress-buster; after your physical, mental and emotional detox it is time to spiritually detox your soul by cleansing all the stressful and negative vibes. Some people are not inclined with their spiritual energy and that is okay because every individual has that particular journey to set out to at one point in their life. However, it is absolutely essential to keep in mind that there is only so much that we can do as mere human beings while tackling problems in our lives. There will be times where we will go against all odds and fight each battle will full fervor however our efforts just would not be enough. It is exactly at that point where you have to make yourself comprehend that there is a Divine source of energy, who is the Creator of all and has full control of the universe.


Many times there are individuals who question that if there truly was a Divine source of energy that has complete control over the universe then why is it that such terrible things are happening in the world let alone our lives. The answer to that is, the Divine source of energy does not control all activities of beings because they were created to have free-will. Our actions are made by choice because we were given the ability to act on our free will; according to the choices we make will be a result of how our life shapes up. But after all, we are just human and we do make bad choices, as a consequence things go haywire and all hell breaks loose. What is it that should be your stress-buster at that breaking point? The instant where nothing but darkness can be seen is exactly when you light the candle of faith with hope’s flame and put forward your request to the One Divine source of energy who has the power to turn everything around for your ultimate betterment. Once you’ve told the Divine source of energy of all your worries, trust the Divine source to be there for you just as a mother is for their beloved child during tough times.

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