Chakras are wheels of energy where we receive, assimilate and distribute life energies. Through external situations ( pressures of life ) or internal habits such as poor physical alignment or self destructiveness, a chakra can become imbalanced. The simplest way to balance each chakra is to create alignment in the physical body. Your body reflects your imbalances, acting as a mirror through which you can gauge how each chakra is functioning. Your asana practice is the first step toward aligning your body and balancing each chakra. Instead of trying to change the way the mind works and overcoming years of patterns and beliefs, asana works to realign the physical energy centres that govern specific behaviours.

This month we are talking about the second Chakra: Svadisthana Chakra. This sacral chakra is located in the pelvis region. It relates to movement and water and influences our creativity and our relationships to people and money. This Chakra is the show stopper and has the power to maneuver our world. Someone who has an over – active 2nd chakra may suffer from greed or sexual addiction where as someone who’s is under-active may lack libido or have no sex- drive at all.

Questions to ask if Svadishtana Chakra is Balanced:

• Do I have difficulty maintaining relationships?

• Am I compulsive?

• Do I suffer from an overabundance or lack of desire?

• Do I make resolutions without the power to carry them out?

• Do I become addicted easily?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions –  you may want to try to physically re-balance this chakra through different Joga movements that can be found in the “Danger-Zone” segment of the Joga sequence found on iTunes: or from the website: .

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