I thought now would be the appropriate time to introduce the deepest layer of the Joga program; the layer that I would only introduce to a practitioner that is looking for something more than just a great workout for the body. I am talking about the Chakras. Chakras are wheels of energy where we receive, assimilate and distribute life energies. Through external situations (pressures of life) or internal habits such as poor physical alignment or self-destructiveness, a chakra can become imbalanced. The simplest way to balance each chakra is to create alignment in the physical body. Your body reflects your imbalances, acting as a mirror through which you can gauge how each chakra is functioning. Your physical practice is the first step toward aligning your body and balancing each chakra. Instead of trying to change the way the mind works and overcoming years of patterns and beliefs, physical Joga postures work to realign the physical energy centers that govern specific behaviours.

There are seven chakras that I am going to introduce, the first one being Muladhhara (base or root of our being and center of physical world). Its location is between our Pubis and Cocyx (centre of perineum) and it represents material security and our instinct for procreation.  Is our relationship to money our body and family.  Questions to ask yourself:

  • Does my life feel out of control?
  • Do I find it difficult to make decisions?
  • Do I suffer from financial insecurity?
  • Do I act irresponsible in regards to money, personal safety, or that of family members?
  • Do I feel poor even though I have a solid bank account?
  • Do I have excessive concern for material wealth to the point of being greedy?
  • Do I find it difficult to nourish my body properly?
  • Do I suffer from obesity, bulimia or anorexia?
  • Do I have ongoing problems with my parents, children or other family members?

If you answered yes to any of these questions working with your root chakra will help you find equilibrium. Once you have achieved a stable foundation you can tap into the inherent abundance of what life has to offer and bring it into your life.  Segment one of the Joga series offers a variety of movements and postures that are designed to balance your first chakra. The emphasis is the alignment of your feet in relationship to your pelvis.  So grab your mat and your Joga DVD available at www.jogawithjana.com or on Itunes and try segment one- which offers a variety of athletic lunges  and  balance – all essentials for the physical alignment of our first Chakra.

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