Chakras are wheels of energy where we receive, assimilate and distribute life energies. Through external situations (pressures of life) or internal habits such as poor physical alignment or self-destructiveness, a chakra can become imbalanced. The simplest way to balance each chakra is to create alignment in the physical body. Your body reflects your imbalances, acting as a mirror through which you can gauge how each chakra is functioning. Your physical practice is he first steps toward aligning your body and balancing each chakra. Instead of trying to change the way the mind works and overcoming years of patterns and beliefs, Joga postures works to realign the physical energy centers that govern specific behaviors.

The third chakra is located in the area of the solar plexus, naval and digestive system. It is known as Manipura chakra ‘lustrous gems’. This chakra governs self –esteem, transformation, power, digestion and metabolism and when balanced it represents a very positive ‘go-get-em’ attitude followed by confidence and assertiveness.

When the third chakra is deficient a person will suffer from low self-esteem, digestion problems and eating disorders. Core exercise and breathing exercise like “breath of fire” will create heat in the abdominal area and ignite a low energy third chakra. When this chakra is excessive a person will thrive on status, recognition, feel anger and hatred. Postures that cool can cool the heat are very passive forward folds or restorative postures.


Location: Naval Solar Plexus

Mantra: Ram

Verb: I am

Color: Yellow

Yantra: Upside Down Red Triangle

Domain: Extroverted/Introverted, Power/Weakness, Our personality

Questions to ask if Manipura Chakra is balanced:

•Do I have trouble making decisions?

•Do I feel nervous in group situations and prefer to spend most of my time alone?

•Do I suffer from low self-esteem? Constant self-doubt?

•Do I engage in self-destructive behavior?

•Am I always right now matter what the argument?

•Have I been accused of insensitivity or intolerance?

•Do I have a hard time working with others?

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