Hard as we may try to avoid stereotyping, what you drive, much like the clothes you wear, may be doing the talking to potential mates before you even get the chance. According to the findings from a recent poll facilitated by autoTRADER.ca exploring the connection between romantic desirability and vehicle choice, Canadians are unsurprisingly practical. It seems we are collectively more attracted to utility, practicality and frugality over luxury and flash when it comes to what a prospective lover drives.


The majority of Canadians polled (29 per cent) said they were most attracted to someone behind the wheel of a practical SUV/Crossover. Sedans and trucks followed, with sporty coupes and convertibles ranking at the bottom of the list. When questioned about the brands they find most attractive, more than half of Canadians (51 per cent) report a preference for mainstream brands, citing Ford, Toyota or Chevrolet, over luxury and exotic options like BMWs and Mercedes, Ferraris or Lamborghinis.

We were surprised to learn which vehicles Canadians find most attractive, but the results are heavily supported by our consumer search data,says Jonathan Yarkony, Senior Editor, autoTRADER.ca, While most Canadians are searching for vehicles from mainstream brands like Ford and Toyota, evidently they are looking for more than just practical transportation.

Often considered more reserved and modest than our American and European counterparts, the Canadian preference for practicality in a lovers choice of ride doesn’t seem far off the mark. But, what does this mean for Canadians in the single and lookingcategory does a luxury ride really lower the attraction meter for those on the hunt for love?

It seems that certain types of vehicles naturally evoke cultural associations related to personality traits and potential as a long-term mate. With a penchant for the practical, Canadians seek those who convey stability, responsibility and maturity in their relationships rather than just a fun fling. Someone who drives an expensive sports car may attract your attention, but you may get the sense justifiably or not that they may be as impulsive with your heart as they are with their ride.

Canadians are pretty clear about what they consider attractive when it comes to cars, but this doesnt mean you can judge a book by its cover. Rather than assessing whether or not a potential mate is long-term material based on their ride, take some time to get to know them. Pay attention to the way they speak to others (friends, family and strangers) and focus on how you feel when youre with them as opposed to analyzing their appearance and behaviours. Your feelings are likely the best indicator of what the future will hold for the two of you.

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