If I told you that you could rent out a place for your vacation stay at a stranger’s house would you call me crazy? I bet all your red flags were hoisted as soon as you read ‘stranger’s house’. It’s not crazy talk though, the trending concept of Airbnb is frequently explored by travelers worldwide

Since Airbnb’s launch in 2008, it is recorded that over 50 million guests have rented out lodgings which are listed above 1.5 million on the company’s website.

For starters, it is vital to clear out a misconception that the Airbnb experience is not similar to your regular stay at a hotel. Individuals who rent out an apartment should primarily know that the location they choose will not have readily available facilities as a hotel. That is why it is essential to take a deeper look into what is and isn’t included in the property renting package while choosing which location would be suitable for your vacation needs.

Since its launch, Airbnb’s company policies have focused on issues regarding safety for both the host and consumer. The company links profiles to legitimate identities to assure that individuals would be ethical during the renting experience.

Can Airbnb guarantee a pleasant vacation stay experience?

Although Airbnb provides renters with a feature that allows them to ask the host ‘no obligation’ questions that range from directions to the nearest public transport to how easy is it to function the washing machine; there is no surety of how valid the answers are given by the host.


Airbnb’s rapid growth has led to various stories about individuals vandalizing the rental property or creating a commotion and disturbing their neighbors. However, alarming stories of renters who were victims of sexual abuse by owners of the property have also come forth.

This obviously indicates that routing to the Airbnb destination does not guarantee the safety of an individual, let alone their belongings.

Despite disturbing instances, Airbnb continues to have hundreds of thousands individuals who use the service worldwide. In an interview with Yahoo Travel Airbnb stated, “Safety of our customers is a top priority. No industry has a 100% safety record; however, our company is working on improving our policies where our team would contact a law enforcement if we are informed about an emergency situation.”

How can safety be ensured while using an Airbnb?


Regardless of all efforts from the company about safety, as a traveler opting for the Airbnb experience in a foreign location, one should most definitely have a game-plan set to go. Letting your family or friends know about the details of your Airbnb location is surely a plus; in case any ill-fated incident occurs, your unresponsiveness would be an indication for your safety at risk.

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Remember that rule we were taught way back in kindergarten, “There is safety in numbers, take a buddy with you.” if you’re considering the Airbnb experience for your next vacation make sure that you’ve got a group of friends who accompany you.

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