We all want to look good on the beach this summer but sometimes the hot weather creeps up faster than we are prepared.  In the midst of work deadlines, meetings, household responsibilities, kids, family functions… who has time to worry about getting their best beach bod!?

It doesn’t have to be that complicated though.  Try swapping some of your daily food choices for a healthier option and the love handles will disappear before you even know it!

1. Cereal for Oatmeal

A morning staple we all resort to from a young age is cereal.  The majority of cereals lining your grocery store shelves though are loaded with sugar.  Try swapping your morning cereal for oatmeal instead.  Whole grain oats contain 0g of sugar as opposed to most cereals that contain 10+ grams.  Top your oatmeal with some fresh berries to add a natural sweetness.

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2. Fruit Juice for Water

Another easy swap is replacing your money fruit juice with a simple glass of water.  Even the pure juices that boast no added sugars are still going to run you some extra carbs and calories that won’t do much for making you feel any fuller or more satisfied.  One glass of pure orange juice is about 110 calories, 27g of carbs and 23g of sugar.  Yikes!

3. Granola Bars for Fruit & Nuts

Granola bars are an easy snack to take on-the-go.  We often have them as a quick breakfast or toss them into our bags as a snack to enjoy throughout the day.  The trouble with granola bars is once again the amount of sugar they contain.  By switching up your bars for some whole fruit and a handful of

almonds, you will save yourself the calories without sacrificing on taste.

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4. French Fries for Baked Potato

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Don’t want to take the full leap of swapping your fries for a salad when dining out?  Opt for a baked potato instead and ask them to hold on all the ‘extras’ (no butter, sour cream and bacon bits) By choosing a baked potato over fries, you will save yourself about half the calories and all the fat.  For example, an order of large fries is about 500 calories and 24g of fat as opposed to a large baked potato with the skin that is about 280 calories and 0g of fat.  Seems like a pretty easy choice when you see the comparison!

5. Cream for Almond Milk

Enjoy your morning coffee with some cream?  Try the super simple swap of replacing your coffee creamer with unsweetened original almond milk.  Just 1 tbsp. of your coffee cream is still 30 calories and 2.5g of fat.  In reality, you are probably adding around 3-4 tbsp. which will end up being close to 120 calories and 10g of fat PER cup of coffee!  In contrast, unsweetened original almond milk is only 30 calories and 2.5g of fat for a whole cup!

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6. Burger Buns for Portobello Mushroom Caps

You don’t need to ditch your burgers, instead just ditch the buns!  By switching your burgers buns for portobello mushroom caps, you decrease your calories by more than half and save about 13g of carbs.  Your average burger buns are about 120 calories and 23 g of carbs.  They are also full of sugars, dough conditioners, and additives.  Yuck, chemicals!  Instead, two Portobello mushroom caps are only 52 calories and 10g of carbs.

Start implementing some of these easy swaps and before you know it, your clothes will fit better and that muffin top will be non-existent!

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