Getting a sexy mouth makeover can dramatically increase a person’s sex appeal. Our mouths are probably the most sexual parts of our bodies on public display, and oftentimes making your mouth more appealing can be as simple as applying the right shade of lipstick, or shaving a mustache.

In my estimation, there are three prime components to having a sexy mouth: white teeth, healthy lips and skin, and attractive ‘mouth-wear’ accessories. All three criterion have their own sub set of options, and everything from salves to surgery is considered by anyone on the path to making a sexy mouth.

Earlier this summer, Katie Lister met with Oakville dentist Dr Anil Ralhan and various other dental professionals to explore her own smile enhancement options. As this cosmetic dentist explained her situation, it became increasingly clear to me that the modern dental office is steadily evolving into a high tech beauty salon where dental surgeons and cosmetologists work side by side making amazing enhancements to human faces. And its all becoming more affordable as the tools and technology become more readily available.

Young Sexy Teeth Can Never Be Too White

Katie fitted for advanced custom mouthwear, sports fashion

Because humans covet youth and perfection, probably every one of us mortal creatures at every stage of our lives wants a whiter smile. Therefore sexy mouths must contain insanely white teeth!

What to do? First its not recommended to waste time with DIY tooth whitening products like toothpaste and mouthwash which fail to show any noticeable results. Certain baking soda and peroxide combinations can cost less than $10 to buy, but require hours of preparation and application time. Yes it is true that if you apply a certain baking soda peroxide mixture to your teeth with a Q-tip every night for a month you will see some improvements, but its also highly likely you’ll ruin your bedsheets, pajamas and clothes with peroxide stains and damage your gums and tongue and the insides of your mouth and throat.

Magic whitening pens and paint-on teeth whitener are also not recommended. The too-good-to-be-true bleaching kiosks in shopping malls are to be avoided at all costs. Slightly more reputable magic teeth whitening stations are sometimes glimpsed in airports and hotels in tropical countries. That’s because they’re also unregulated and prey on visitors. When you see them on cruise ships they are quite literally fly-by-night operations.

Using teeth whitening strips are however recommended by most dentists as generally speaking they will do a good job of whitening teeth that have yellowed with age, and are otherwise stained with food and tobacco smoke. Also endorsed are the bleaching tray systems obtained over-the-counter at your local pharmacy here in Canada, or order them online from a reputable Canadian supplier. If you decide to see a dentist and get custom teeth whitening, request a Carbamide peroxide system as it has equally good results as Peroxide mixtures and is kinder on teeth and gums.

It’s my opinion that laser teeth whitening is the best choice in the entire menu of available teeth whitening options, as this new whitening technology requires no personal effort, and can deliver spectacular results in a short period of time for a reasonable cost.

Katie with Dr Anil Ralhan, Oakville Dentist

Fix Bad Breath Problems Straight Away

In real life, its not possible to have a sexy mouth with bad breath. Girls with bad breath (more politely known as halitosis or malodor) will psychologically scar any boys who get too close. Men with strong personalities and bad breath are impossible to love. When we meet someone with bad breath who doesn’t realize they have a problem its truly tragic and we feel sorry for them. If they’re friends then we have a duty to help them. The afflicted must be told and presented with the following easy fixes: mouthwash.

In fact, there is a product that can be obtained online called SEXY MOUTH mouthwash that contains a unique formula of organically grown essential oils. These biologically active ingredients are contained in an environmentally-friendly, recyclable glass bottle.

Good oral hygiene begins with regular visits to a dentist, basic teeth cleaning and obvious cavities filled or remedied. While not ruling out any underlying conditions or other factors such as medications, diets, and foods that could make breath less than pleasant, suffers must solve problems before can cure symptoms and find happiness in fresh breath.

Skin Shimmers and Lips Glow in a Sexy Mouth

Sexy mouths have puffy lips over healthy red gums. Contrary to the effects of testosterone on a man’s facial structure, the effects of a woman’s estrogen levels serve to maintain youthful facial structures during puberty and even during final maturation. It has been shown that the more estrogen a woman has, the larger her eyes will be, and the fuller her lips will be, characteristics which are perceived as more feminine, and indeed more healthy. Surveys performed by sexual psychologists have found that men universally find a woman’s full lips to be more sexually attractive than lips that are thin. And so its logical to deduce that a woman’s full lips are more sexually attractive to males because they serve as a biological indicator of a woman’s health and fertility.

Shapely Lips Can Make A Sexy Mouth

The vermilion border of the upper lip is known as the cupid’s bow. In women, the fleshy protuberance located in the center of the upper lip is a tubercle known by various terms including the procheilon (also spelled prochilon), the “tuberculum labii superioris”, and the “labial tubercle”. The vertical groove extending from the procheilon to the nasal septum is called the philtrum. Today its possible to hire plastic surgeons to augment your lips and to create fuller, more seductive lips using Juvederm . The same product also reduces the smile lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Younger Looking Skin Is The Promise of Alyria

katie buys product for her mouth

Alyria is a product sold in some dental salons in Toronto. It contains hydrating complexes and antioxidants that rehydrate and sooth skin around the mouth. It protects against skin dehydration, which is a medical skin condition caused by a lack of water in the skin.

Healthier, younger-looking skin is the promise of Alyria, the most comprehensive and sophisticated skin optimizing system available in Canadian dental clinics today; The Intense Hydrating Serum is formulated with a high performance hydrating duo, Hydroviton PLUS and PatcH2O. It will not only provide skin with an instant boost of hydration, but will also provide optimal hydration over time. The combination of the powerful Vitamin B5 and an antioxidant blend will also soothe, repair and reinforce the skin barrier function to help maintain its softness, suppleness and youthful appearance. The chemical composition includes includes glycolic acid, retinol, vitamin K, and matrixyl. All of these ingredients in combination with a treatment regime are proven to help both men and women achieve healthy and radiant skin around the lips and mouth.

Sexy People Wear Sexy Mouthwear

Mouth-wear is an emerging new fashion arena. A company called Bite Tech introduced performance mouth-wear in 2009, and the category continues to grow larger every year.

ArmourBite Mouthpiece is designed to be worn on your lower teeth during non-contact sports or during activities where clenching teeth could inhibit other upper body muscle movement (like during tennis and racket ball) allowing the user to perform better. The mouthpiece is marketed as being performance enhancing and is not be worn during the contact sports as a mouth guard, thus it has a cosmetic properties and hence the dawn of mouth-wear.

Other Mouth-wear Options Include Gold Teeth and Custom Grillz

Trevor D makes custom grillz here in Toronto, somewhere on Yonge St. He also makes gold teeth and other custom mouth-wear made from all manner things, including car parts, computer chips and gem-ed designs. Trevor will even accept old gold and diamonds to reset into custom mouth jewellery . You can see more at

Although you don’t hear it listed as a sexy body part very often, the mouth is certainly a top erogenous zone with its own devotees. Just like there are men (and women) who dream of naked feet and hands, a great many men and woman are overly fond of their partner’s mouths…sexy mouths that is.

By Robert Campbell

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