Cell Phone Use

Do you check your phone during breakfast, lunch and dinner? Does the vibrating sensation in your pocket get you more riled up than the battery operated one you store in your bedside table? If so, your cell phone use might be hindering your sex life.

The ability to be present is elemental to good sex and in the digital age, presence is a skill that needs to be cultivated. Since our habits and practices from outside of the bedroom are often dragged into our love lairs, it is no surprise that our phone habits are adversely impacting our intimate lives. Ten percent of lovers even admit to checking messages during sex!

I know it’s not easy to let the texts, emails and instant messages slide in a world in which news travels across the globe in a matter of nano seconds.Trust me. I’m quite aware of this glass house I live in, but if anything can motivate us to curb our constant digital connections, isn’t it the promise of a better sex life?

Watching TV Before Bed

You may not have a television in the bedroom, but do you sneak your tablet or laptop into bed more than once a week? Or do you stay up late and fall asleep in front of the television before dragging your butt to the bedroom? Though watching television may help you to wind down after a long day (or bore you into a deep slumber), this habit can wreak havoc on your sex life.

Instead of winding down with your lover and developing relaxation habits that include sensual touch, deep breathing and mind-clearing focus (all of which lead to hotter sex), watching television nightly can create an intimate divide. Research suggests that those with a TV in their bedroom have less sex and that watching less TV is related to higher levels of happiness. Here’s to more sex and happiness!

Skipping The Gym

Though you don’t need to hit the gym every single day, forgoing physical activity can have a detrimental impact on your sex life. Exercise not only boosts your mood, body image and libido, but it also helps with the sexual response cycle including arousal and orgasm. One study found that women who exercised for just twenty minutes were more likely to experience arousal when shown an erotic stimuli post-workout.

Even if you don’t have time for a daily boot camp session, making physical activity a part of your daily routine may be just want you need to pull yourself out of a sexual slump.

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