So many people, including couples, feel that Valentines Day is overrated, and I must admit so do I. It’s pretty much a Hallmark holiday created to sell cards, chocolates, and flowers. But what woman doesn’t appreciate a nice bouquet of flowers (that will ultimately end up dying in a week)? It’s the thought that counts, I guess.

When you’re single this can subconsciously be one of those dreadful days that you are just trying to get through. No matter how hard you put on that forced smile, you still seem to cringe at those couples that take PDA to the next level. You start thinking of an ex and boom, now you really feel single. Well, my advice is to snap out of it and treat this day like any other day!

As a Dating Coach, it’s my duty to provide you with a list of reasons why being Single on Valentine’s Day is actually pretty awesome:

1) There is no pressure to plan something. No built up expectations from your partner on whether you selected the ideal gift or best new restaurant to attend.

2) You save a ton of moolah. Research has shown that people spend at least $100 on their partners by purchasing flowers, gifts, and/or dining out. Now you can now use this money to spoil yourself.

3) It is really just a day to spend loving yourself and be with people who are your biggest fans. One cute tip: send your fellow singletons a box of chocolates or “Be Mine” card letting them know you are thinking of them.

Single on Valentines Day

4) You can host your own event, dinner party, games night and bring the single community together to celebrate being fabulous. Let’s be honest, at least half of your friends who are in relationships have disappeared anyway. Why not celebrate the night with friends who aren’t afraid to come over and have a drink because their significant other thinks, “wine and beer just has too many calories”.

5) You can do whatever you want! Maybe it’s a Netflix marathon, pizza and a night on your couch with the pooch. Or maybe it’s treating yourself to a spa day, buying that new bottle of perfume or thinking about your next travel adventure.

6) You can make the day about serving others by volunteering at a shelter. There’s no better feeling than sharing your love with someone in need. Not to mention, if you happen to meet a cute person who volunteers too you’ve definitely scored big!

Single on Valentines Day

7) You can treat your body right by booking a Vday date with your trainer or treating yourself to a session at Barry’s Bootcamp that you have been dying to try (because we all know that tough love is the best love).

8) If you venture out to a local pub or lounge, there’s a high chance that most people there are likely single or in a relationship that is on the outs. So act like a tourist and start up some new conversations.

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9) Take a chance with someone you recently just met! Yes, it’s Valentines Day but that doesn’t mean it’s a day just for existing couples. If you’re feeling a little bold, then try calling up or texting a potential love interested and ask them if they’re down to do something low key like see a movie or grab a cocktail.

10) It’s a day to reflect on self-love, gratitude, and sharing love with others that you deserve and crave. Whether it’s family, a best friend or a pet, ultimately Valentines Day is about spending time with people you cherish.

Let me know in the comments below how you like to spend February 14th.

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