There is always room for more in our sexuality.

Understanding intimacy requires going deeper into your desires. You have to desire a deeper connection within yourself or with your partner… Or even, with life itself for that matter.


Relationships are a place to experience more emotion, definitely. And intimacy is no different. If you are used to your blanket of security, you will have to give up a part of it. If that scares you, put that aside for now. Just become in touch with your desires. Your desires are about emotion.

Every desire we have is to feel something, or because we think we will feel differently upon the attainment of that desire.

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Remember we are emotional beings. You must look deeper into your emotions.

What do you want to feel?

What feelings are you wishing you had experienced by now?

You must become deeply connected to your feelings to achieve deeper intimacy.

You must become more in tune with your body, to experience heightened moments of pleasure. This body that we have is a vehicle to experience pleasure. It is a gift, a gift that most people only open half way.

I desire to challenge you to push your boundaries and your limits of what you know are possible in your mind. My life partner Jessica Louise Li and I have achieved what we call ‘Sensational Sex.’ We share the difference between the four levels of sexual satisfaction on our website. Most people are having the first level, ‘Basic Sex’. Some people are having the second level, ‘Good Sex’. Very few people have the third level, ‘Great Sex’. And a almost miniscule percentage that isn’t even measurable on planet earth are having the fourth level, ‘Sensational Sex.’

A deeper exploration into great sex and intimacy requires you to be uncomfortable, if only at first. Again although it may seem scary, anyone can achieve these higher levels of sexual satisfaction and pleasure. You can push the limits past your comfort zone in the bedroom and it requires you to push the limits in your mind.


It will be worth it. You can go somewhere you have never been before. I commend you for it. You would go on a deep adventure to go somewhere that people do not normally venture to and you will be rewarded. Feelings of bliss and ecstasy are available to you in sex and intimacy, more than any drug addict could ever dream of.

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This is so much more to sex and intimacy than orgasms and just getting off. You must discard that notion if you are to experience true intimacy.

To do the work, you must ask yourself the following questions:

-What does connection mean to me?

-What does it mean to be intimate?

-How can I deepen my intimacy?

-How can I deepen my sexual pleasure?

Spend a little time and see what comes out of it and if you need more help, check us out at www.TheSensationalSexSeminar.

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