Spring Beauty Essentials

Spring is just around the corner and with these 10 beauty essentials in your makeup bag, you’ll be ready.


1) Tinted Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30 by Josh Rosebrook

Price: $82.50

It’s never too early to start protecting your skin from the sun. With this multi-action day cream, you can do just that. This product, from The Detox Market, acts as an effective sunblock, as well as a moisturizer for you skin and works great under makeup.


Spring Beauty Essentials

2) Giorgio Armani Sun Fabric Sheer Bronzer

Price: $62.00

It’s also never too early to get your tan on. With this natural glowing bronzer, you’ll always look like you just got back from the tropics, no matter the season.




Spring Beauty Essentials


3) Alima Pure Luminious Shimmer Blush

Colour: Leigh, rosy coral

Price: $28.00

This product, also from The Detox Market, will give you that spring shimmer.




Spring Beauty Essentials

4) Bobbi Brown Face Highlighter 

Colour: Seashell – shimmering nude glow

Price: $41.00

This liquid formula makes for an easy to apply highlighter. Just apply to the high points in your face, cheeks, chin, forehead and nose to brighten up your look. Match with the shimmer blush and you’ll be absolutely glowing.



Spring Beauty Essentials

5) Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick

Colour: Electric watermelon

Price: $38.00

Every girl needs a bright, bold lipstick for the spring season. This ultra-hydrating lipstick will give you hours of wear so you can tackle even the longest day without reapplying.


Spring Beauty Essentials


6) Dior’s Diorshow Black Out Mascara

Price: $34.00

Long, bold lashes are a must for every season. This dramatic, dark mascara will open up your eyes, making you look awake and refreshed.


Spring Beauty Essentials



7) Naked Basics Urban Decay

Price: $36.00

This eyeshadow palette full of nudes, light pastels and browns is perfect for the spring season.


Spring Beauty Essentials



8) NARS Nail Polish

Colour: Ithaque

Price: $20.00

A good nail polish will complete your look. Nudes, electric blues, light peach and mint are great colours for the spring.


Spring Beauty Essentials



9) L’Occitane100% Pure Shea Butter

Price: $46.00

Keep your body moisturized and prepare to show a little more skin this summer with L’Occitane Shea Butter, which can transform even the driest skin into beautiful, touchable, soft skin, head to toe.


Spring Beauty Essentials


10) Tory Burch Perfume Spray

Price: $120.00

This Floral peony and tuberose blend will give you a fresh and perfectly feminine scent for the spring season.


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