Lack of focus? Feeling the dread of exam season fast approaching, or facing deadlines at work, major assignments and tasks?  At times like this, the idea of staying within a focused mindset sounds completely ludicrous. Yet, with these simple tips and steps, you can bring balance, focus and stability into your daily routine.

Organize your Space


Whether you’re logging time at the office, school, or working at home, having a clean and organized space is key to getting the task done without major complications. Remove any distractions and turn off devices! Spending a few minutes everyday tidying your space will establish a new neater and focused lifestyle.

Establish a To-Do List To Help You Focus


This can be done using a device or on a piece of paper. In my personal opinion, I find it easier when my tasks are physically written down in my calendar. It assists in prioritizing the projects that require completion at an earlier date. Use coloured pens, highlighters and sticky notes to label your list.

Break Time!


The worst thing you can do whilst working on a task is to sit and stare at it for hours on end. Taking 15 to 20 minute breaks actually increases your overall focus. Giving your brain time to rethink and heal from the stress. Whether it is having a quick snack, scrolling through social media, or taking a walk; a break is essential to succeed.

Mediation & Exercise 


The art of medication is proven to enhance focus and balance. Taking time to listen to calming sounds or music in a quiet space can change your stressful situation right side up. Taking time for yourself to self-reflect and address the issue creates a stepping stone for an easier day ahead. Exercise is not just good for the body, but the mind as well!  Working out daily instills routine, order and overall makes you feel and look amazing.

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