Although numerous dating guides boast of sure-fire ways of flourishing on Tinder, I’m here to denounce their claims with a single word: creativity. Your creativity, that is. Want to flourish on Tinder? Simply tap into your creativity and sense of humour. See below:


Top 3 Tinder Do’s & Don’ts

1. Hi

What is your intro? Unfortunately, this simple opener is the least effective, as it paves the way for a rather standard conversation without much promise. It’s simply boring to her.

Correction: Draw from your sense of humour and introduce yourself in a jovial manner. Anything but a single opener will do.

2. You’re so [insert cliché compliment ]

Telling her for the 500th time how hot she is renders your compliment trivial, since she’s habituated to them—all her matches tell her the same thing.

Correction:  Pay her a personalized compliment. The art of complimenting a woman entails finding a particular feature about her and tastefully commenting on it. Drop those cliché compliments and instead focus on a specific detail about her look and profile pics. Also, there are so many other features of women that go uncomplimented: something witty about her profile bio. Aside from her physical features, complimenting on her confidence, intelligence, and eloquence etc., sets you apart from the competition.

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3. Do you wanna [insert sexually aggressive comment]

While adopting a sexual conversational frame is undoubtedly forward and establishes your sexual interest, most women aren’t so keen on an aggressive sexual banter from jump. Your vulgarity, abrasiveness, and overly sexual comments might turn her off.

Correction: Sexually framing conversations with interested women is a lost art, so tread lightly. Puns, double entendres and light sexual innuendo with a hint of humour, convey your intent in a subtle and tasteful manner, especially if she returns your interest. Keep your composure about you and not seem to be in such a rush, particularly with the sexual frame. It’s either a hit or a miss.

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