Every woman has her language of weakness. There’s an art to conversation that each single man should familiarize themselves with in the dating pool. They say talk is cheap, but there’s one crucial exemption to this cliché: the smooth-talker. That’s right; words have a way with women that beat all logic and reason, and the smooth talker has mastered the craft of dynamic conversations with women.

Your ability to engage a woman with multiple threads of conversation, while sustaining her interest, sets the stage for endless possibilities. Mind you, there are many frames that underlie interactions with women, and by taking the reins of the conversation, you assume the role of the frame-setter. The conversational frame-setter takes the lead of the conversation and steers it in promising directions.

What language do most women respond to? Which is the most potent? Read along as I delve into the top 3 conversational styles, starting with:


Displaying intelligence in conversations is sexy! The intellectual converser excels in understanding the intricacies of the conversation he’s partaking in with women. He listens intently, gives his undivided attention and exhibits brilliance by alternating between the role of listener and speaker.

Intelligence is as great an attractor as confidence is, and by giving an intelligible representation of yourself, it showcases your conversational prowess. Note, however, that it’s not about spouting off to come across as a “smart ass” or “know-it-all”, but simply expressing yourself intelligently on mutually relevant matters––save the political hoopla and religious discourses for another day. To prevent her branding you as the stoically serious guy who’s all about the smarts and no fun, add the banter frame to your already-established intellect. Coupling the intellectual frame with banter is even sexier! Wit and humor go a long way with women. Make a woman laugh and she’ll do anything?

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