My daughter introduced me to myself.

Before becoming a mother, I thought I knew..but I had no idea.  If you’re a parent I’m sure you can relate – and if not, that’s ok too. There’s something truly magical to be learned from children for everyone in this Universe.

My daughter, Winslowe, just turned 3 this month. In reflecting upon my journey as her mom (even though I swear it feels like I just had her yesterday at times!???), and her journey as a tiny version of the sassiest person you can imagine (cue eye-roll here) – I realized that I always believed it was my job as her mother to teach her how the world works, what to believe and how to think. The honest truth is – I have learned SO much more from being around Winslowe than I have learned at any other stage in my life. What a trip!

While I’m still learning something new every single day, I thought I’d share the biggest lessons she’s taught me thus far.

Lessons from my 3 Year Old

The world is a magical place: The smallest things can easily go unnoticed in our daily rush…chill out and admire how awesome it is to feel the sunshine on your face, or look at a bug, or take 5 extra minutes in the bathtub (really, every night she begs for “just FIIIIIVE more minutes mommy”).

There is FUN to be had in every moment: This little girl could have fun in any situation – that joy for life is contagious and makes even stressful moments feel an ease and flow.

The Universe has your back unconditionally: Winslowe trusts completely that she is being taken care of and can be, do and have anything she truly wants – without a single doubt. We could all learn a little something from this.

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I am worthy, deserving and supported: Abundance is the name of the game. We are ALL worthy, supported and deserving of our wildest dreams. Kids really know how to dream and dream big! Winslowe has decided that she will put coins in EVERY donation box we see, she wants me to live in her bed with her (“you will stay here all night mommy, now turn off my light”), we should go the beach on an airplane every day, she thinks every kid deserves 5 birthday parties each year, and she knows all her future dreams will be hers as well.

Love cannot be defined in mere words: She SHOWS her love every single day, not just for me..but for our family, her friends, her teachers, other children, animals, our home, and all of the things she appreciates. She says it too – but, the way she behaves goes over and above those 3 simple words and you can see it in her warm brown eyes and in her endless joy, laughter and giggles; you can see it in the artwork she makes, in the way she plays and shares and in her everyday actions.

Time is the only resource we can never get back (or get more of) once it’s spent: I’m an entrepreneur and that means that the “9-5″ doesn’t always (or ever really) apply to me. I knew when I started my businesses that I wanted to create a life of purpose and meaning, but also one that would allow me to be there for the BIG moments in life and leave a legacy for my daughter. Winslowe has taught me that the little moments are the big ones too, and sometimes even bigger. So when we’re together, I do my best to shut off my phone, put my computer away, not worry if the house is a mess, and just enjoy our amazing time together. It’s time we will never get back and I don’t want to miss a beat!


Live in the NOW and the WOW: Life is meant to be enjoyed! There is nothing more convincing of this than watching kids in action. They know how to make every second count – their endless energy and lust for life makes me marvel. It brings me back to being a kid myself! What fun!!!!!

Dance to the music in your head: It’s cool to have fun, be silly, shake a tail feather and just freakin’ GET DOWWWWWN! So, turn up the music and get dancing! It can turn the worst days around in an instant! Winslowe’s favourite game that we play together is “Dance Party” which is literally cranking up our favourite tunes and being silly. The coolest thing about this is that you can do it anywhere and at any time!

Trust your intuition: Whether you know it or not, your heart always has the answer to ANYTHING you need. Kids know this. They have that “spidey” sense that tells them who the good people are and who the not-so-great-ones are (i.e.: the babies that scream blue murder in the arms of that acquaintance, or the nanny that makes them uncomfortable). Winlsowe is an ace at spotting the good ones. You have this sense too. Trust it. In all areas of life! When you don’t know the answer right away – simply quiet your mind and listen to your heart.

Let the people you love know you love them : Every morning on our drive to school Winslowe demonstrates with wide, wide, wide-open arms just how much she loves me. We compete to see who loves the other more. Imagine all adults did this for each other? If you love someone, you should always let them know.

We are all connected: You are me, and I am you . When you love or admire a quality in another, it’s simply a reflection of that quality in yourself. Having a child really magnifies this magical lesson. We are all one. If we treated everyone as our family the world could only be a better place.

These lessons continue for me daily, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the richness my daughter has added to my awesome life. Hang out with a toddler for a while if you get the chance (as long as it’s not in a creepy way), their life wisdom will amaze you too.


In love and sassiness,

xo Lav

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