Ever wonder what your face looks like after a couple glasses of wine in? Not to worry, Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti captured what his friends looked like after indulging in one, two, and three glasses of wine. And the shots are priceless.

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Alberti stated his reason for shooting these images and why he wanted to show wine in a fun and positive light. “I started this project because if you search for alcohol on the internet you only can find bad stuff about it. I wanted to show the good side of it – of course, between friends who are drinking responsibly in a good environment. It’s like portraits during happy hour.”


He keeps each picture simple and clean. Stating that he took “a snapshot, nothing fancy, a face and a wall”, noting that with each glass of wine his friends got more relaxed and visibly happier.

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For more information visit Alberi’s site masmorrastudio.com

Photography Via @marcos_alberti

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