My last article touched on one-half of the Ten Tinder commandments. The top 5 are:

  1. Thou shalt accept this truth: Everyone is an option

Translation: Sure you both matched and that indicates her modicum of interest in you, but the number of matches and propositions women garner on Tinder is endless––so don’t assume you’re the only one. It’s a number’s game in these Tinder streets. Don’t be just another guy emptily entertaining her when she’s bored.

  1. Remember, the third time is the charm

Translation: Not every single match you message will return the volley. If after the third time she hasn’t responded to your message, unmatch her. Unless you’re content with bragging rights of your Tinder match count and not actually meeting them.


  1.  Thou shalt curb your enthusiasm

Translation: She’s the hottest woman you’ve matched with yet, and naturally, the urge to be eager kicks in. But mind you, she’s heard how sexy she is from her other triple-digit matches. Keep the complimenting string to a minimum and approach her from a different conversational arc—aside from her looks. She already knows it. Also, don’t rush getting her phone number, and you’re guaranteed she gives it to you unprompted.

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  1. Thou shalt turn up the “Humor” dial more

Translation: Employ banter in your conversations with her. Banter is a good-humoured and flirty conversation; it incorporates a “Sense of Humour” which is atop the list of what most women find attractive in a guy. The more fun she’s having with you, the more receptive and comfortable she is with your advances.

  1. Thou shalt meet up sooner than later or never at all

And now, for the most important commandment of all: The sooner you meet her, the better. Do not fall into the trap of being her pen-pal. Propose to meet up in determining in-person chemistry sooner than later, before her next match does and the window of opportunity closes.

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