Weddings can be happy, lovely events! They are joyful affairs where people announce – for all their friends and family to see – that they plan to love each other forever. How love affirming! And as an added benefit, the clothes are usually fabulous!

However, it’s the price of those fabulous clothes that often leaves brides balking. The average American bride spends $1509 on her wedding dress, and a further $279 on accessories. And anyone who’s watched Say Yes To the Dress knows some people invest over $10,000 dollars into buying their perfect gowns. But is it really necessary to spend your entire life’s savings in order to be a beautiful bride?

Obviously, we get the motivation for the extravagant expenditures; Brides want to look perfect for their special days. But what if there were a way you could look fabulous for less, all while raising money for Cancer Research? That’s exactly what The Brides’ Project in Toronto is trying to do! This organization accepts donated dresses and high-quality wedding accessories, sells them to other blushing brides, and passes the proceeds along to cancer research at places like Toronto’s Hospital For Sick Children. To date, this organization has raised over a million dollars for cancer research! Who knew looking sublime could save lives?

Nestled on Broadview Avenue in Toronto’s charming Riverdale neighbourhood, The Brides’ Project is located¬† inside a cozy old house. From the stoop, the building looks cute, but unassuming. The sort of place where your grandmother would have made cabbage rolls or soup in the kitchen. But once you enter, it’s a veritable wonderland of affordably priced bridal products! Dresses are sold for half their original retail price. This means you can snag a high-quality wedding gown for as little as $600. And do not fear that you won’t be able to find the unique frock of your dreams! The store boasts around 500 different dresses, including contemporary, vintage, and Asian and South Asian gowns.

Wedding Dress
A Dress Available From The Brides’ Project

And it’s not just the dresses that are a steal of a deal. Second-hand wedding shoes can be purchased for as little as $25! And there are plenty of veils and other accessories to peruse. Basically, if you’re a bride-to-be, you can’t afford not to check this place out.

When you visit the Brides’ Project, you get to say yes to the dress while also saying yes to cancer research. What a lovely thing to do!

If you are curious about buying a dress – or donating an old wedding gown – you can find more information about The Brides Project here. You’ll be happy you did! You can also check out their stunning inventory on Instagram.

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