Relationships are tough, and everyone wants to enjoy summer to the fullest, the problem is people have these preconceived notions that getting into a relationship will get in the way of their ability to have fun throughout the summer season.

Throughout Twitter and Instagram, you see these trends for “City girl summer” or “City boy summer” and these trends are giving people a reason to glorify treating the people they are talking to like trash, in an attempt to keep up the image that they will remain single this summer.

This summer has proved to be a confusing one, people are embracing the idea of individuality and doing things on their own while being so opposed to the idea of getting into a relationship, and believe that right after the summer season is over its time to get “boo’d up” again.


That ideology makes me shake my head, we don’t embrace the idea of letting someone into our lives just because the weather is warm, we block real connections out in an attempt to embrace the newest Twitter or Instagram trend.

That being said, nobody should attempt to force a relationship, but they should not completely ignore the possibility of one. Life is too short to ignore a real connection due to your stubborn attitude, past transgressions, or the newest social media trend.


Relationships are work, work that many people are not prepared to do throughout the summer. Some people spend the entire year in university, and when summer hits they do not want to embrace doing any work whatsoever, this includes a relationship.  If you aren’t ready to get into a relationship, then don’t do it because you will end up hurting someone that you did care about but don’t shut down to the possibility of one. Relationships are work like I said, but they also have their positive effects. Getting close to someone, having someone that has your back, someone who you can rely on, someone to share your life with. All this cannot be achieved while living your “City girl” or “City Boy” summer.



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  1. Andrew

    Well said man I couldn’t agree more !

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