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It Takes Two to Tango

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Who doesn’t love dancing? Tear up the dance floor with your better half for an intimate and fun way to get to know one another. Montreal is HUGE on tango, so there are plenty of studios to choose from. Popular places to go include MonTango and Air de Tango.

Spa Day

dating ideas montreal

What do you get when you mix a boat and a spa? The perfect romantic date! Bota Bota offers an exquisite dining menu, treatment packages, massage therapy, and water circuits. Take your significant other to Bota Bota for a day to remember.

Cooking Classes

dating ideas montreal

There’s something special about cooking together with your significant other. Look for ways to complement each other and have a great time. Check out Ateliers & Saveurs for some cooking classes, cocktail classes and wine tasting.

Strawberry Fields Forever

dating ideas montreal

Take your date to a strawberry field to spend some quality time away from the city. It is the perfect summer activity to get some sun while enjoying the vine-ripe quality of fresh fruit.

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