Great sex can take your mind off things, free you, let you completely and utterly enjoy yourself and can even help to relieve a little stress. But what happens when sex causes nothing but stress, and instead of euphoria, it’s a minefield of self-doubt and vulnerability?

Thanks to body image issues, women are often flooded with thoughts of self-doubt in the bedroom. Wondering if he notices that little bit of extra belly fat, or worrying if you smell not-so-fresh in your lady region.

Overcoming Insecurities

Insecurities are everywhere and everyone has them. Whether it’s your too-small breast size, or your cellulite on your thighs, we all have something that we would love to alter, if given the chance.

Some people’s inhibitions are stronger and more nagging, and they don’t just slip away once in the bedroom. In fact, in the bedroom is where they often become even more pronounced. Being completely naked in front of your partner creates complete vulnerability and it’s hard to be vulnerable when you’re insecure about what you have to offer.

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Body insecurities affect the amount of sexual pleasure and satisfaction that a woman feels and takes away from what should be a freeing sexual experience, more than we sometimes acknowledge. With so many negative and preoccupying thoughts, no wonder it’s so hard to enjoy the moment.

Women become comfortable with the lights-off, sleeping gown on kind of sex. This shouldn’t have to be the case, and insecurities shouldn’t stop you from getting the most out of your sex life.

Here are five ways to learn to love your body, so that he can love it later – in the bedroom.

1.) Get in touch with yourself

Self-pleasure can help with a woman’s sexual insecurities by helping her to get to know her body more intimately.

2.) Don’t compare

Media, magazines, and especially the porn industry are to blame for many of the body insecurities and the wide amount of girls that deal with body image issues. We compare ourselves to these idealized women, when it’s not a fair battle, you can’t compete against airbrushing and a $4,000 boob job. Acknowledging that every body is not the same, and there is no such thing as a “perfect size” will help you love your curves, or lack of, whatever the case.

3.) Get naked

The only way to get over your body image issues is to take it all off and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Try staying naked for longer than usual, walk around your house, workout, watch a house of cards episode, something, but do it in the buff. Insecurities make us want to cover up and hide ourselves, so getting used to being naked and learning to love your naked self will make sex far less of a vulnerable and uncomfortable experience.

Overcoming Insecurities

4.) Flaunt your assets

In the bedroom, our minds are flooded with thoughts of wondering if he notices those insecurities that seem so amplified and obvious to us. Truth is, he doesn’t. Guaranteed, he’s soaking it all in and enjoying every minute of it. But for your own sake, work to amplify those features that you really love about yourself. If you are a little insecure about your boobs but love your booty, try some reverse cowgirl and show it off.

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5.) Put your hands up and step away from the scale

Women can get into the routine of stepping on the scale, but what does that do for us besides send us running to the rocky road carton of ice cream in our refrigerator to ease the pain. It’s just a number and why should a number define us. Get active; do what you love, and start FEELING good about yourself.

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