How are your New Years goals going!?! Isn’t it crazy thinking about how far away it is that we made our resolutions? Bananas.

Hopefully, they have not been forgotten. Have you made a habit yet?

Mine is going well! I have stopped eating chips (replaced by veggie chips. so good!) and I have started working out 5 days a week using

the fitness program p90x! You will get exclusive pics of the before and after! OH YEAH!

OK! Now on to the bloggy blog!

(I wonder if am the first person in the history of blogging to refer to his/her blog as a bloggy blog?!?)

This month’s topic may seem vague, it may even seem silly to spend 500 words talking about it, but…

I turned 30 this month, on the 4th, and I think a time of reflection naturally happens at every life stage. I don’t want to bore you all

to death about my reflection of the last 3 decades… instead, I want to try and get you to focus on what it means to reflect in your life.

I suppose this “message” really stems from the saying, “hindsight is 20/20”. It is so much easier to understand something when you are

looking back at it, as opposed to being in the middle of it.

So my challenge to you readers, is to ask yourself, “How much time do I take to reflect!?” Check in with yourself? Analyze your life? On a

deep level and on a casual level?

In the shower, in the car, on the can! Haha, seriously though just taking 5-10 minutes a day to selfishly consider how you are doing, or

dissect an argument you had, or plan time to talk to your parents/siblings… I think it is really important.

It is very easy to grab our Starbucks, dive from app to app on your iphone, jam to Pandora, head to the gym, watch your shows and get in

bed… That routine is so easy!

With understanding, comes peace. Take time every day, or once a week to try and stop yourself and make an effort to understand, reflect,

and analyze your life!!!

Much love to you all.

Hope your 2014 is still ROCKING HARD!


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