Change does not necessarily mean that you have to change your name, your job or profession, or your partner. Real change is an internal change which includes change of habits, attitudes and behaviors that can help you improve your lifestyle and help you achieve your sexual goals.

The word “change” scares most people because it means work, transformation, awareness, or amend, placing you out of your comfort zone. Real change involves becoming uncomfortable, stop doing the same thing over and over, acting in a different way, in a productive and constructive manner, producing an inevitably insecurity.

Change is not easy, especially the ones concerning your sexual habits and attitudes, but if you really want to have bliss in your sex life this new year, it is imperative your willingness to endeavor, which involves a process of trial and error when learning new ways of thinking and feeling. Overcoming sexual concerns or issues is not easy, but you can do it if you are aware of the obstacles of change and do something about it.


Hesitation: The indecisive person postpones for later. He or she will say “someday I’ll do it”, always avoiding concrete actions taking them “nowhere.”

• Lack of Self-Discipline: Discipline is order, obedience and patterns. To be self-disciplined is to be well organized. An individual without self-discipline is left easily seduced by situations that bring immediate pleasure, placing him or her away from his or her goals and priorities.

• The Emotional Problems: If you are suffering you may be emotionally disturbed and therefore you may think, perceive and interpret facts and events in a distorted and irrational manner, maintaining a cyclical discouragement and frustration blur. Some of the more commonly emotional problems are:

• Anxiety (you are focused on a threatening future).

New Year

• Depression (you are focused on a negative past).

• Anger (you are focused in frustration).

• Shame (you are focused on a negative self-evaluation).

• Guilt (you are focused on internal shame).

• Jealousy (you are focused on the threat of losing someone).

• Envy (you are focused on something you don’t have).

Start a new and happy year embracing all the new opportunities on your way to become a better person as well as a better lover by overcoming the enemies of change. The first step towards a better life is to imagine it and the second step is to seek help if it is too difficult for you.

Change itself can be achieved. It is possible to enjoy a healthy, amazing, and great sex life only if you set new goals and keep going with perseverance, patience, and passion. Start today! Your tomorrow bliss depends on your today’s actions.


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