Summer is on the horizon which means cool cocktails, sunny beaches and good times. However, it also means that there will be couples galore drinking cool cocktails, lounging on sunny beaches and having good times. This can get rather depressing for those who are currently or have recently gone through a breakup. Have no worries though, there are ways for you to break free of those breakup blues and enjoy your summer without worrying about your relationship status!

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Quality Time With Friends!
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Summer is not all about relationships! Take some time on your vacation to relax and hang out with some friends to lift your spirits. This quality time is not only fun and distracting from your romantic woes but also therapeutic. Talk with your friends about what you are feeling to get it off your chest so you do not feel drowned in thoughts for the entire time you are out and then enjoy their company and let your worries be free!

Boost That Confidence!
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Honestly, the best way to get over your ex and to defeat those breakup blues is to start loving yourself – basic, I know. But, whether this task sounds simple or not does not deny the fact that it is actually very challenging when you are in a sad state of mind. Try to improve your confidence by doing things you enjoy and really taking the time to do them because YOU want to. Dedicate your time to trying to improve your mental, physical or spiritual health and treat yourself as great as you would any friend who is heartbroken. By doing things you enjoy you will be able to let go of some negative energy and hopefully be on the road to self-love and appreciation!

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Work On Letting Go
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Although distractions are great for feeling better temporarily when dealing with a breakup, they do not last forever and you may find yourself still distraught by your recent heartbreak. It is totally normal to feel this way and just because you are feeling this way now does not mean you will feel that way forever. Sometimes, sadly, things just do not work out and even though it may seem dreadful at the time, there is always something better coming your way when one chapter of your life ends. Slowly, try to accept the situation for what it is and try letting go of the past. Do not forget the relationship you had (since you won’t…) but appreciate it and all of your memories and recognize it as a part of your past. Let yourself move forward and be open to new experiences and opportunities that the world has to offer and you will truly be able to forget those breakup blues.

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Summer is short! Try your best to not spend all your time upset over a relationship or over your ex and waste away days that you could spend making great memories and having a great time. Take your time to process and accept your breakup but still try to appreciate every day that you have and live life to the fullest. When one door closes another door opens, so enjoy the sun and embrace the light!

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