Tired of going for drinks or coffee when you want to meet someone? It kinda feels like an interview, it costs money, and it’s chemicals your body doesn’t need.

Here are some fitness dates I tried over the 20 or so years I was single. I got married two weeks ago and my wife and I still have fitness dates.

1. Loco-Mote

Go for a walk, skateboard, bike, rollerblade etc.. The best part about this is how easy the conversation becomes, given the changing scenery. It also reduces awkward eye contact because you’re both facing forward. Walking burns more calories the heavier you are, so if you are overweight and new to exercise, walking is doing a lot for you. Walking is easy on your body, so you can still do your high-intensity workouts and walk a lot. Most people will burn about 100 calories per hour of walking. Casual biking about 20 cal per hour.

Fitness Dates
2. Ping Pong

This is a great date. It’s fun. Anyone can do it. You can play to your partner’s skill level (and if you are great playing, I suggest you let your partner win a few times!) It’s great for double dates too.

3. Spin Class

Most spin classes are super upbeat, or at least unique. You can plan to sit next to each other. After you can have a bite together, or just say buh-bye. Plan for a shower after!

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4. Hit the Gym & Lift Weights

This is a bit of an advanced move. Both parties will have to be confident with their bodies and moving them in front of a person you’re trying to impress. You can spot each other, share exercise advice, and people-watch. After, you can have a shake or dinner. Funnily enough, when I did a workout on a first date we ended up doing legs! Including squats and barbell hip-thrusts! I almost laughed out loud at the blatant metaphor of it all, and at the same time, it was all quite sexy. We had a great workout and had dinner after. We ended up dating for a few months.

Fitness Dates
5. Cooking Together

I admit this date can go bad way more often than it goes well, but at least you got some meals made. Once the woman I cooked with didn’t like touching food. She complained for days how her hands smelled like garlic. That was the end of that. Another time this date went south was when I thought she was going to cut her fingers off with my sharpest knife, and I yelled “STOP!” and she got upset. So if this date goes well, you might have found a winner.

Activities that I found didn’t work well:

* Frisbee, yoga, and swimming: difficult to talk.

* Sailing. Fun until you’re a mile off shore and your date has a panic attack b/c a line squall has rolled through you’ve heeled over 40 degrees. Yes, this happened to me.

* Bowling. Fun enough but believe it or not, it’s a high injury risk if the parties involved have weak wrists or bad balance!

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