Statistics Canada recently asked Canadians why they got married, or planned to marry, their current partners.

Here are their answers:

  1. Cultural, moral or religious beliefs
  2. Proof of love and commitment
  3. Either to have children or to adopt them
  4. Living together was not socially acceptable
  5. Other, don’t know, or not stated
  6. Partner wanted to
  7. Pressure from family and friends
  8. Financial security

… and 9 reasons why Canadians in common-law relationships don’t marry:

  1. Current situation is fine as it is
  2. Don’t believe in the institution of marriage
  3. Other, don’t know, or not stated
  4. Cost of, and preparation for, a wedding
  5. To maintain financial independence
  6. Never thought about it
  7. Previous experiences
  8. Partner doesn’t want to
  9. Don’t want to commit emotionally

Source: General Social Survey, Statistics Canada (2011)

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