Just how certain ‘wardrobe’ is necessary for particular areas in our lives such as for professional wear or fashion statement pieces, there are wardrobe essentials for specific fitness gear too. Committing to a fitness routine amidst the daily grind is tough as it is; not knowing your go-to fitness gear shouldn’t be one of the many complications knackering you at the back of your mind. Now ladies, are you a yoga girl, runner, dancer or all three? The first basic rule when it comes to fitness gear is that there is no standard wear that will work for all kinds of fitness routines. The second rule is, your bottoms are your priority, and after all you don’t want them restricting your movements. No need to panic though, we’ve got your back to ease the decision making and here are the top 5 workouts paired with you ideal fitness gear!

Running Fitness Gear

Your top pick should be pants that have a high compression, stay-put waistband, and temperature regulation. While you’re running your pants needs to feel like a second skin and not come in the way for maximum workout results.

Recommended Gear: Under Armour Women’s heat gear capri pant, $23.99 to $56.99.

Yoga Fitness Gear

For all you yogis out there, your go-to pants must have a light compression with a wide and flat waistband. With these pants, you’ll be flowing your way swiftly to positive energy without the disturbance of ‘fixing’ your bottoms during the routine.

Recommended Gear: Danskin women’s Ibiza crop legging, $14.83 to $34.85.


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Dance Fitness Gear

Calling out all Dancing Queens out there whose cardio requires the maximum ability to be flexible! Your priority pants need to be a stay-dry and stretchable fabric with a medium compression only because all those twists and turns cannot be restricted. The cardio is in your constant motion; your pants need to be willing to dance with you rather than hold you back!

Recommended Gear: Gaiam Women’s Follow My Line legging, $18.17 to $38.08

Pilates Fitness Gear

With this intense legs workout, you need to make sure that your pants don’t slip or snag. While doing your upside down stretches and workout using equipment it’s best to avoid pants with extra buttons or zippers that’ll hinder in maximizing your exercise routine.

Recommended Gear: Pink Lotus women’s Lotus Colorblock capri, $25.01 to $68.19

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