You’re newly single and ready to start scoping out the scene for other eligibles like yourself. The only problem is, you have no idea where to start, where to go or how to make that first move without coming across as desperate and awkward.

Problem solved, you hire a professional Wingwoman.

A Wingwoman can be defined as a professional “friend” that you hire to go out with you in a social setting to help target the opposite sex, opening you up to the possibility of meeting a potential partner. A Wingwoman selects the right venue or event, based on her client’s interests. Once a location is determined she scopes out the environment for potential matches. She initiates conversation, brings the client in, and then entertains any friends to keep them away so the client can chat solely with the desired individual. Once you establish a person you wish to chat with, your Wing-woman will coach you on what to say, how to display open body language, and how to keep the conversation flowing.

You don’t have to worry about her attributes, as she is professional, polished, well dressed, creative, outgoing and very good at striking up a conversation with any new target that enters the room. She can read the environment within seconds and scope out the “single” versus the “taken” men/women. This skill allows you to be more focused on chatting with the right women/men rather then wasting your time on a person that is already committed. She provides constant feedback to her client so that he/she feels comfortable in being in the social setting for a long period of time. By learning to master their communication skills and display strong body language, the client seizes every opportunity to establish a worthwhile connection.

Another great benefit of hiring a Wingwoman is that this service is completely confidential. She is introduced as a friend or a new co-worker if there is a situation where you bump into someone that you know. You can continue to use this service once, twice, or every month until you feel confident venturing out on your own. Also, by using a Wingwoman to escort you to an event, it raises your social value. You’re now in the company of a magnetic woman, and others are interested in finding out who YOU are. It is imperative that she doesn’t appear to be your significant other, but rather a “friend”.

After the Wingwoman experience a client is left feeling that they have accomplished a goal, tried something new and hopefully achieved the desired result. This is what keeps the Wing-woman service alive and active. We realize there is a need for this type of consulting, as singles often require assistance in meeting someone new for the first time. By hiring a Wingwoman, the stress is reduced making it a more relaxing yet exciting experience.

It is important to always push the envelope every now and then and try new things. You want to lose weight – you hire a trainer. You want to meet more women/men – why not hire a Wingwoman to assist you with your journey.

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