“Sex with Dr. Jess” Toronto’s Most Eligible Bachelorette: Natasha

Natasha Sokolovski is a 26 year old community service worker, who has been serving the City of Toronto since she was a 16 year old teenager. She started as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. Since then, she has worked for three different divisions at The City, all the while completing her undergraduate degree at York University, and currently back at it for a second degree.

Her first degree was in Psychology and Natasha is now pursuing a second degree in Political Science. Natasha is in the top ten per cent of her program and a member of the International Golden Key Honour Society. This April, Natasha will have completed her second degree and looks forward to taking a small hiatus from school. Small being the operative word, as she will be pursuing a Masters degree in Public Administration in 2017.

Presently, Natasha is a full-time caseworker with the Children’s Services Division. She loves seeing people grow, develop and overcome their difficulties. Having extensive front line experience, she aims to shed light on how policies impact the daily lives of people, in her future role as a policy analyst or evaluator.

Aside from academics and public service, Natasha currently owns a successful make-up and beautician service and consultancy, www.makeupbytash.com. With her deep-rooted and long-standing passion for makeup, Natasha consistently strives to build and improve her knowledge when it comes to trending products and techniques and instilling women with joy and confidence by making them feel beautiful is incredibly fulfilling for her. Her company services weddings, special events and professional photo shoots.

Natasha is a meticulous planner who lives the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail.” She prides herself as a maverick excel user.

In her spare time, she can be found at the gym, at a spin class or going for a run.

Naturally inquisitive, Natasha is a life-long learner in every dimension. The term ‘complacency’ terrifies her. She is continually propelling to grow and develop.

Recognizing that she only has one life to live, Natasha is definitely making the most of it!


Name: Natasha Sokolovski

Occupation: Caseworker with Children’s Services, Freelance Makeup Artist and Student at York University.

Things I’m passionate about: I am very passionate about makeup and helping women feel confident and beautiful, artisanal coffee, world travel, fitness, trying new restaurants and exotic foods and most importantly, my family and friends.

My ideal first date would be: a date at Snakes & Lagers…word games (Boggle or Scrabble) paired with a dark stout beer would definitely be my ideal.

People say that I am: a fiercely goal-oriented achiever who absolutely loves to plan (anything and everything).

My ideal partner is: strong, caring, loyal, romantic, passionate, goal-oriented and supportive. Essentially I want to feel safe, secure and protected when I am with them.

Dating deal breakers: speaking about ones ex to frequently, checking your phone excessively, someone who is perpetually late and smoking.

I’m not bragging but: I’m very talented makeup artist.

A talent that may surprise you: I can knit just about anything.

Three artists you’ll find on my iPod: Florence and the Machines, Mumford & Sons and Gucci Mane (Free Gucci!).

My dream vacation: would be embarking on a spiritual journey throughout Bali to self-reflect, self actualize and to attain a better sense of clarity of my life’s purpose compounded with a little partying in there for good measure.

On weekends you’ll find me: at a new restaurant. Whether it’s for dinner or for brunch I love researching and trying new and exciting restaurants throughout the city. I would definitely label my self as a foodie.

What I put on my burger: Absolutely everything!

I was most impressed on a date when he: gave me a pig stuff animal before he took me out for dinner (I absolutely love pigs).

In high school I was: a studious nerd who always wanted to be the ‘leader’ on projects.

My guilty indulgence is: Coconut Cream Pie from Scaramouche- it is deadly!

In my past life I was: Mermaid- since I am completely at peace in the water.

In my next life I’ll be: free.

If my life were a genre of movie it would be: a Romantic Thriller

The actor that should play my life story is: Rachel McAdams

Favourite ice cream flavour: Coconut or anything coffee flavoured (it’s a toss up).

The best thing about Toronto is: its diversity, distinct neighbourhoods, green spaces, its waterfront, the people, cultures, and foods.

My favourite Toronto hot spot is: El Almacen- they have the absolute best cappuccinos and lattes in the city.

To relieve stress I: Meditate.

If I played hooky I’d: end up at the beach.

If I found a genie in a bottle my three wishes would be:

  1. The ability to eat what ever I want and as much as I want without gaining weight.
  2. To put an end to all forms of bullying.
  3. For women to continuously lift each other up, not tear each other down.


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