“Sex with Dr. Jess” Toronto’s Most Eligible Bachelorette: Kirsty


Kirsty Dunne is the founder of a health juice company OTG3 and celebrity fitness expert. She works with clients to transform their health and bodies internationally. Her latest workouts and nutrition have been featured in celebrity workouts and fitness magazines. Her passion naturally turned into a career she lives and breathes everyday. She loves to inspire, educate and motivate people to get healthier and achieve their goals.

Kirsty very close to her family and considers herself to have strong values and morals. Family is important to me and the time I spend with them.

Born in London, England, she moved to Canada at a young age. Although she misses her roots and family, she is proud to call Canada her home. Her mom moved to Canada for one reason: love. She believes that love is a powerful thing and that even with all the criteria of what you want in a man, when you meet, it’s just an instant connection. Kirsty also believes in destiny and the law of attraction no matter where you are in the world.  She says she would never settle for less. “Be your best and you will meet your best.”

Kirsty invites you to follow her on instagram @kirstydunneotg3 or twitter: @kirstyotg3


Name: Kirsty Dunne

Occupation: Founder of a health juice company OTG3 and celebrity fitness expert.

Things I’m passionate about: Family, friends, fitness, traveling and achieving my goals!

My ideal first date would be: A cappuccino date…..you had me at cappuccino. Casual, more relaxed and quick just in case you need to make a fast exit lol

People say that I am: Sincere, loving, funny or generally goofy at times and athletic!

My ideal partner is: Chivalrous, makes me laugh, sincere, romantic and active of course!

Dating deal breakers: Takes a call on the date. Poor etiquette right?! Talks about himself too much, doesn’t do anything active and has me checking my watch from boredom. Abort!

I’m not bragging but I: Have featured in celebrity workouts, books and magazines with celebrities such as Mario Lopez. He was my crush growing up in Saved By the Bell!

A talent that may surprise you: I have designed custom homes!

Three artists you’ll find on my iPod: U2/ Coldplay/ Pitbull- he just makes my feel like there’s a party everyday!

My dream vacation: Would be Cycling in Ireland and staying in a castle!

On weekends you’ll find me: With family, working out, at a cafe and checking out a new trendy restaurant in town and just going with the flow.

What I put on my burger: No red meat, but chicken or turkey and topped with pickles, barbeque and hot sauce!

I was most impressed on a date when he: Took me on my best/worst date, lol. He surprised me with a helicopter ride to a vineyard for lunch, but little did he know I don’t like flying in helicopters. However, it was so sweet I couldn’t resist even though I was white knuckled the entire ride!

In high school I was: A beanpole. That’s what they called me- skinny and tall and I guess that meant no boobs either right? So mean! I didn’t mind though. With good grades, I got to leave school early to model internationally. Who’s laughing now?!

My guilty indulgence is: Jack Astors buffalo chicken fingers and spicy Caesars … I am craving this very moment!

In my past life I was: A professional dancer. I’m just really good at it, but never followed through.!

In my next life I’ll be: Living as blessed as I do now!

My fav place in Toronto to go out: I love brunch at Mildreds. You can’t beat a Sunday brunch and morning Bloody Mary- its 5pm somewhere in the world!

What I love about Toronto: Its diversity and welcoming manner to non-Canadians. It opens the doors to give so many people opportunity. This is also a great benefit to our country and economy. We live in a great city.

If my life were a genre of movie it would be: A lighthearted comedy! Just so many funny moments

The actor that should play my life story is: Kate Hudson. She is sexy but cute, can laugh at herself and is the type of woman a man can take home to mom!

Favourite ice cream flavour: Super Kid! It taste like bubble gum and has crazy colors!

To relieve stress I: Usually work out or take off on a beach vacation.

If I played hooky I’d: As my own boss, I would call myself and leave my self a message that I cant make it to work! LOL

If I found a genie in a bottle my three wishes would be:

1) No pollution and a healthy environment for future generations to come.

2) For everyone to be healthy and active.

3) Have all my family and friends make a wish of their desire!


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