Let’s face it ladies, there are way too many articles for women talking about what to-do in the bedroom, and not letting men know about the essentials of what not-to-do. Magazine4You has a mini-guide to ever so sneakily slide into your man’s ‘bedroom-notes’.

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#1. Bad Hygiene

Now boys, no one likes to be in bed with someone that makes them want to gag because of their stench! If you want your girl to give off the desirable scent of warm-vanilla then be considerate enough to keep your hygiene game up. Spray on some cologne and watch her snuggle in closer!





#2. Accelerated Speed

The vitality of foreplay cannot be asserted enough; sure, your bedroom bliss time will sometimes skip all protocol and head straight into doing ‘the deed’, but it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to what gets your girl going and push all those buttons. Make her want you more than ever.




#3. Man Handle

There will be times where she will want you to completely take over control and take a break from being ‘gentle’ and experiment with the ‘rough’. However, keep in mind that your ‘rough’ may differ from hers, stay alert to her body signals when she starts to get uncomfortable, your caring streak at that point is exactly what’ll earn you brownie points!




#4. Drill-Routine

Nobody likes the same old routine for their regular lives, let alone what goes on in the bedroom. Change up your routine from dull to daring and surprise her, no one knows your girl better than you so put that knowledge to use. If she’s the writer-artsy type, then your creative spontaneity will surely get sparks to fly!




#5. Intoxicated

If you are in the early stages of your relationship don’t go into the bedroom intoxicated. The woman you are with should know that you desire her with your full senses rather than giving into your basic instinct stimulated by alcohol or a drug substance.

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