The feminine waterfall is the sweet nectar of the Goddess that flows out of some women when they orgasm. While some females are blessed naturally with the erotic flow known as “female ejaculation,” all of us have the potential to develop this heavenly ability. Unfortunately, this astonishing gift causes some women to become embarrassed and even ashamed, causing them to suppress the feminine waterfall altogether. Let us educate ourselves about this special aspect of female sexuality and explore methods to develop this expertise, so that we may completely embrace one of nature’s exquisite gifts.


In my practice I had the delightful privilege of working with a 36 year old female heterosexual client who was striving to overcome her shame over what she called “wetting the bed” during sex. Through our journey together, she has grasped a magnificent source within herself where she now fully embraces her feminine waterfall. She kindly agreed to be interviewed for my article.

*When did you first become aware of your sexuality?

I always loved being a girl. My love for men began at the age of two. My mother told me I would love to sit on their laps and receive lots of attention from them. I started masturbating around the age of six and at the time it felt good; but I also knew that I had to keep it a secret. You might say I was born “rocking my cradle.”

*When did you first ejaculate?

My first love came when I was 20. I had sex just one time before when I was 18, and it was a disaster. But with my first love sex was amazing. One night while we were having sex he whispered in my ear, “let go baby”. I remember feeling frightened at the outcome, knowing that if I did “let go,” there would be no turning back. I knew something magical was about to storm through my body. I surrendered and as I did I screamed while producing a gush, a powerful waterfall, and a stream of liquid passion that pierced my soul and flowed out of me.

*What was it like for you emotionally?

I was excited, but at the same time confused. I didn’t know what it was. I began asking my sister and girlfriends what it could be, but no one knew what I was talking about. So I thought something was wrong with me. It was then I found myself traveling this road alone.

*How has it been for you with other lovers?


Well my relationship with Shawn ended after four years. I knew I was sexy, pretty, and damn good in bed; however, I found it difficult to “let go” with other partners. It was hard for me to tell a new partner that I am an ejaculator. I would get embarrassed and sometimes shameful feelings would come up. At times when I did allow myself to “let go,” some partners would get excited; but unfortunately some men would actually freak out over it! Also, I have to always take precautions and place something underneath me, so I don’t ruin the area that I am having sex on. This can be a drag, especially when you’re with a new lover, so I learned to suppress my waterfall.

*Where are you now in your healing process, and what has it been like for you?

Through my sexual research and therapy I have learned to value and love myself, and my gift. I know that there are men out there who love this flow, and I find them and give it up when I am ready to share it. Female ejaculation is actually a blessing, and an expression of feminine power. I now fully accept myself, and my sexual journey is filled with extreme passion and orgasmic delight. I love being a woman and I love ejaculating!

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*What advice would you have for other women about “female ejaculation”?

To “let go!” Women deserve pleasure just as much as the men do. Learn to ejaculate and allow your enchanted waters to flow. We deserve to experience all the ecstasy that life and sex can offer us.


Many researchers believe the female prostate is the source where “female ejaculate” fluid is produced during orgasm. This fluid is released through the urethra, and although there is still much debate over the exact anatomy and sexual function of the female prostate, it is important to know as much about it and its erotic potential, as possible.


Dr. Stephanie’s tips for awaking your female prostate:

*The female prostate is central to female sexuality; however it is not an ecstasy button. It is a precious zone that must be gently explored and exercised in order to discover if you are sensitive and can be stimulated in that area.

*You must first discover your own prostate and learn how to ejaculate alone, before inviting a partner to play. Create a private, quiet, safe, and nurturing environment for yourself. Play soft music, light candles, have a hand mirror handy, and lubricate (if needed).


*Lie comfortably against your pillows with your legs spread. Use your mirror to begin the exploring process. Open your lips and find your clitoris. Then make your way to the urethra and to the opening of your vagina. It is here you will find the head of your female prostate.

* It’s important to know that the female prostate can be stimulated from the interior and the exterior of the vagina.  Begin by tenderly using your finger (with lubricant if needed) to explore the outer area of your prostate. Then slowly slide your finger inside the vagina opening and gentle lift upward. You will discover your prostate just inside the roof of your vagina. At this point, begin to feel the body of the prostate and follow the gland straight back until you determine where it ends (as you become stimulated your prostate becomes filled with fluid and blood, and grows larger).

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*Now that you have found it, let’s arouse it. I recommend beginning by gently stimulating the outer edge of your prostate (outside your vagina), and when you are ready, insert your finger and make a “come here” motion along the body of the gland and just behind it. Remember to take your time.  An extra trick is to stimulate the prostate and your clitoris at the same time.

*The most valuable part of your exercise is the “letting go” progress. Give yourself permission set your passion free, and release. Know that you are a sexual being and allow yourself to get lost in pleasure.


*This exercise is to be repeated again and again until you begin to attain results. These results can vary from simply feeling more wet, to shooting jets of liquid, to feeling extra pleasure from penetration. Practice makes perfect, and the more you stimulate your prostate, the more your fluids and pleasure during sex will increase.

Many individuals believe that to access this sweet zone that you insert a finger, or a sex toy, into the vagina and curve upward with extreme pressure. This is not a good idea unless the female is extremely aroused and desires it. It can otherwise cause discomfort and often a strong desire to urinate.

Throughout history powerful female spirits and deities have been associated with rivers and seas, tides and waves, and the life-giving, mesmerizing powers of the waters. It is even rumored by the wise old women of the American South that any lover who tastes the sweet nectar of the Goddess will fall under her Spell forever.

As a woman who possesses the potential for producing this captivating nectar, you should remember that still waters do run deep—that a placid surface may hide the passionate nature that lies beneath.  By exploring this innate power and permitting your natural waters to flow forth, you can allow yourself—and your lovers—to experience the full sensual splendor of the Goddess.

*A very special thank you to my client for sharing her lovely story with me and now the world. She is courageous and I have the deepest admiration for her!

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  1. Julie

    This article is something I needed to read!
    When I was 24 yrs I discovered that I had this ability. yes I have felt weird and embarrassed when with partners so I held back until I got alone to take care of myself but now it seems I have forgotten how to even take of myself! I am not sure why and thought it because of menopause or lack of allowing myself to let go and embrace my sexuality. Once in a while I’ll let it go when I am masterbating but but not like it used to be. Psychological block maybe? I just know I want this ability back!
    Thank you for sharing this article!

    1. Dr. Stephanie

      My dearest reader,
      I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your tender story. It is truly inspiring to me and to so many others. It is a reminder how our sexuality is unique and special, and deserves to by embraced and celebrated for being “one of a kind.” It is also a reminder of the power in “letting go” within our sexuality, as within our lives. Thank you again and from this day forward begin to live as the GODDESS, that you clearly are!

      1. Nick Barth

        Give that woman my email address! I am all about the flow.

  2. Esaii Ames

    Great article, very empowering. I’ve always thought women should embrace their sexuality. This is enlightening and encouraging, maybe something new for my partner and I to explore. :)))

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