We’ve been covered up all winter and forget what it’s like to show a little skin. Spring signals fresh starts and a stylish new wardrobe.  Enjoy a little spring Q&A to feel confident and get yourself ready.

How can I look cool wearing Bermuda shorts and not like I borrowed my granny’s knickers?


Ladies if you are petite you might want to avoid this trend so your legs don’t look like tree stumps. The length of the short will only make your legs look shorter. The shorts have a conservative masculine feel so you can wear this look a few different ways:

Masculine Edgy- Add the suit jacket and heavy metal with accessories and metallic wedges

Feminine – Choose feminine flowing fabrics like the wrap blouse and maybe a floral printed sweater. Add a bright coloured bag and you have the look.

Office Appropriate- Choose a jacket and blouse in a soft pastel and add your classic pumps for an office- inspired look.

When can I wear my white denim ankle cuts?


No time like the present! Forget the old clichés around white denim. It’s a hot look for spring and summer! The beauty of the white ankle cut jeans is that it’s working with a blank slate. Use your imagination!

What style of trench is best to hide a few extra pounds around the thighs?


Avoid a cropped style that draws attention to your thighs. Opt for a longer style that flares at the bottom and avoid anything too fitted. Color is over the rainbow this season so choose a classic like khaki and a bright style to lift your mood on a rainy day.

How can I camouflage my panty lines now that I’m wearing really thin fabrics?


Undergarments are not just for winter warmth. They add confidence and make you look great!

It’s amazing how a simple slip or control-top panty hose can remove unwanted bulges and hide panty lines. Layer up ladies!

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