Many people enjoy smoothies, especially during the summer months to cool off. Sweetness and the chill of drinks are always a great mix.

The smoothies should be at least two of the following: Homemade, vegetable, low-calorie, natural sugar smoothies. This means, no fast-food smoothies. Smoothies can especially be a healthy treat because they have not just a single serving of fruit or vegetables, but several often mix together.

It is also common knowledge that such beverages can hydrate you real fast on a hot day. What else is there? Here are three benefits that smoothies have:

Fights mood and sleep

Many fruits and vegetables such as bananas and spinach contain folic acid (Vitamin B9). Vitamin B9 fights depression and sleep disorders. I recall having a banana smoothie and instantly felt better and sleepy after struggling with both depression and insomnia for a while.


Calcium and magnesium are also factors in battling mood and sleep. Calcium can produce melatonin, and magnesium increases gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is a neurotransmitter that slows brain activity, helping you feel relaxed. One reason why people with mental disorders often struggle with mood and sleep is because of GABA deficiency.

Gets rid of toxins

Many whole foods such as berries, beets, and cabbage can easily clean out your body. A smoothie with these ingredients can easily do the trick.

Cleaning out toxins also help you lose weight because if there are too many toxins, the detoxication process in the liver slows down when there is toxic overload. This slow process can result in toxins staying longer than necessary, which can make us gain weight or get sick.

Improves overall physical health

While many foods and drinks only increase the risks for cancer, diabetes, or heart disorders; it may surprise you to learn that smoothies can improve your health. Vegetables especially can fight free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage cells, DNA, proteins.

Your immunity will increase as well. If you don’t watch to catch diseases or viruses, smoothies can help fight off pathogens and diseases. In particular, nutrients such as beta-carotene helps fight the immune system because the human body converts beta-carotene to Vitamin A.

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Provides lots of fibre


While this one may be embarrassing, you also do not want to get constipated. Smoothies, particularly green ones, can speed up your digestive system. Green smoothies have vegetables, which contain insoluble fibres. Insoluble fibre ensures movement in the digestive system and increases stool bulk.

Fibre makes you feel fuller than usual, which would limit the cravings for processed foods. Many people sometimes replace big meals with smoothies for this reason.

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