Discover expert a seasoned sex tips from adult actress, enhancing pleasure and intimacy. Unlock a world of sensual knowledge.

It’s undeniable that everyone picks up a variety of tips and tricks from the endless ocean of pornography available online. Some of it will stand the test of time and be used as a trusty tactic for years to come, whilst others will be performed once and met with distaste – never to be attempted again.

Sex Tips From Adult Actress

One thing’s for sure, there’s always something new to learn in the bedroom. Learning from video footage is quite impersonal and unlikely to cover the intricacies of the technique.

This is why the award-winning adult actress, Honey Gold, has agreed to share her experienced sexual advice with our readers.

Mix it up!

In her true, free-spirited style, Honey first advises that you have a little fun and mix-up where and when you have sex!

“Falling into a routine can be a mood killer when it comes to sex, it makes the process feel monotonous, rather than exhilarating. Spontaneous shower sex, kitchen sex, car sex or wherever-else-tickles-your-fancy-sex will help to keep things fun and exciting!”

Foreplay is a must!

Honey’s dismissal of ‘traditional’ foreplay is important to remember: “Everyone has this misconception that foreplay has to be making out, followed by long and awkward oral in the hopes that both partners will be warmed up.” This might be what’s expected from foreplay, but it’s not set in stone.

Honey personally enjoys wrestling with her partner. She claims there’s something sexy about play-wrestling and having her partner chase her around, desperate for some action. She loves the chase and loves to tease! In her own words, “it gets me going immediately. Once my partner has had enough, one thing leads to another and my panties are being pulled to the side! Foreplay is what you make it and isn’t one size fits all!”

The importance of communication

Honey can’t stress enough just how important communication is in the bedroom.

“When it comes to pleasing your partner, ask them what they like and if it’s something you’re unfamiliar with, be willing to learn. Nobody likes guessing games and it’s so much more fun when you know exactly how to drive your lover crazy”

Don’t be afraid to be LOUD!

A little bit of noise and dirty talk shouldn’t just be accepted in the bedroom, it should be expected!

“A bit of moaning is a great way to let your lover know you love exactly what they’re doing! There will be a feeling of satisfaction to be had knowing they’re doing all of the right things to drive their partner crazy.”

This advice is heavily linked to communication, as Honey goes on to explain:

“How is someone going to know what you like if you lay in bed like a dead fish? Aside from moaning, don’t be afraid to whisper naughty or sweet things in your partner’s ear. It can feel awkward at first, but reading erotic literature online can actually teach you a thing or two about dirty talk. I’ve never told anyone this but, I use a site called ‘literotica’ to pick up new naughty things to scream out in the bedroom!”

Don’t underestimate a quickie

Although the majority of Honey’s scenes are far from swift, she is certainly quick to show her love for the humble ‘quickie’.

“Quickies are amazing. Sex doesn’t always have to be long and romantic. Quickies are a great way to get your rocks off without putting a dent in your schedule!”

Sex and porn are NOT the same thing!

Perhaps Honey’s most memorable tip: sex doesn’t have to be like a porno! As she so sensitively states:

“There are so many people who feel insecure about not having a massive cock or huge tits. I’ve had conversations with countless men AND women who feel like they don’t measure up and feel as though they have to do circus tricks in the bedroom. Just a little FYI, my favourite positions are missionary and spooning. I like to tell people ‘KISS’ – Keep It Simple Silly!”

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