So you’ve decided, you’re going on a vacation before summer ends. With so many amazing places to see, why should you bump Newfoundland to the top of your list? Newfoundland is one of the most beautiful destinations in Canada, with its inspiring landscape, incredible history, and unique cuisine. The residents are known for their kindness, resilience, humor and welcoming nature. If you plan on visiting Newfoundland and experience all the island has to offer it is almost guaranteed it will be an amazing trip.

Inspiring Landscape

Newfoundland is a nature lovers’ dream. It is home to whales, icebergs, cliffs, and trails. There are mountains you’ve never heard of, places you didn’t know you needed to go see and whales to go watch. Its remarkable landscape was formed over millions of years by continental collision, volcanoes, and the constant impact from the strength of the Atlantic Ocean.  This island boasts northern character and is filled with many rivers, lakes, and vegetation.

Inspiring Landscape

Incredible History

In around 1000 AD Vikings settled at L’Anse Aux Meadows on the Northern tip of the Island. This is the only known Viking settlement in North America and is the first known evidence of a European presence in the Americas. Now a National Historic site, you can experience the archeological remains from the encampment with interactive tours from Viking interpreters or by exploring on your own.

Incredible History

Unique Cuisine

Newfoundland is home to some unique cuisine.  Their most famous Jigg’s dinner. This consists of boiled potatoes, turnips, carrots, peas pudding, cabbage, salted beef, and usually roast turkey or roast pork. Sometimes blueberry duff is added.

Other iconic foods from Newfoundland are Codfish stew, Fish ‘n Brewis, Moose, and the Figgy Duff.

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So this is it, you’ve seen what the Island has to offer and have decided to go. What are some of the attractions that you should include to make the most of your time in Newfoundland?

If you are visiting the West Coast

Be sure to include Gros Morne National Park. It’s one of the biggest attractions on the West Coast because of incredible hiking, boat tours, fishing, whale watching, kayaking. This ancient landscape allows you the potential to spot moose and caribou, take the Western Brook Pond Boat tour to view glacier-carved land-locked fjord, and waterfalls while experiencing wildlife sightings.

You can also “see the earth naked” at the Tablelands at Gros Morne National Park. The Tablelands expose the earth in a way you might not have seen and allow you to hike it with a guide or on your own.

If you are visiting the East Coast

Be sure to visit Signal Hill, this is where the first transatlantic signal was received. It’s one of the most popular landmarks in St. John’s and allows you to hike, fire the noonday gun or have some beer during ‘Ales and Tales’.


You can also spend some tie on George Street, full of pubs and bars once a year this street hosts a festival where streets are shut down, musicians of all kinds are playing and clubs, pubs, and bars open their doors for people to experience this festival. If you miss the festival, don’t worry George Street is a fun experience at any time of year.

Some Extra Quick Tips

Make sure you plan ahead. Newfoundland is a large island and you may need to factor in driving time when planning all your activities. And when you are flying in the ‘S’ is important- make sure your flight is to St. John’s Newfoundland (YYT) and not St. John Newbrunswick (YSJ).

So grab your passport, book your flights and experience one of the most unique parts of Canada when you visit Newfoundland. If you are worried about how much there is to do and making sure you see all of the wonderful sights that Newfoundland has to offer you can also check out this itinerary planner.

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