We know it’s only August, and while we certainly don’t want to burst any bubbles about the summer coming to an end, we are going to be seeing all those “Back To School Sale” signs popping up any day now. There’s still a lot of summer left, but it doesn’t hurt to think ahead a little bit. Perhaps you’ve had time off this summer to do some reflection, and you’re feeling refreshed and energized. You have some clarity on your goals, and getting back into things this fall means new aspirations around being your most eligible self, in all areas of your life.

So, instead of the usual “FOMO” articles about what the must have trends are this fall, we wanted to take a step back and really look at the question of why style matters for an eligible man like you. Since you’re probably not going back to school, what about back to work? If you are looking to get ahead, gain new clients or step up your networking, regardless of trends, here’s 3 reasons that you want to make sure that you’ve got your style nailed.

Clothes Are Your Cover


You’ve heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Common wisdom is insistent on reminding us to look beyond the surface of other people and that there is more than meets the eye. That’s because judging by appearances is what we all do, and our appearance is part of what defines us in the minds of others.

It makes perfect sense that we would quickly evaluate the people around us and proceed accordingly. There’s probably even some good old evolutionary science around quick decisions and avoiding becoming lunch.

In our modern, technological world however, we don’t need to look over our shoulders for hungry predators. But we are busy people whose time is valuable. Why should we make extra effort to dig beneath the surface of people who aren’t presenting themselves in a straightforward manner? If you’re a smart guy, who’s eager to move forward in work and career, what could you possibly gain by dressing like a slob? And why should you expect others to look beyond your “cover” to find the gems inside if you haven’t bothered to suggest those gems are there?

That’s actually an immature, self-centered and lazy attitude to have. The truly eligible man strives to be his best, and project that best to others around him so they know exactly what to expect.

So if you’re looking to shake things up this fall, move forward in your career, and make a social impact – consider your appearance. Does it project the aspirations you have for yourself? Or is it a blind spot that is holding you back?

The True Purpose Of Style Is To Express Your Status


 If you think about it, we could all be wearing grey, zip-up, ultra-breathable, high-tech jumpsuits.

Why don’t we? How long before someone wants a red one, a blue one, one with stripes? What would be lost if we all had to wear the same, practical outfits everyday?

While clothes obviously provide practical value in keeping us warm or cool, there is no functional reason as to why they have to be decorated with patterns and colours. It’s all social. And socially expressing yourself is a fine balance between standing out as an individual, and belonging to a group.

In the social and business world, status is hierarchical, and our clothes enable us to stand out as superior (i.e. a leader) or to blend in as an equal (i.e. a colleague). While business casual abounds in the office and it may seem that there is no “dress code”, the reality is that those who look like leaders, are more likely to become leaders. The question for you this autumn is: do people see you as forging a path, moving on, bettering your own situation and the world at large, or are you staying where you are and remaining a follower?

Dressing Your Best Relieves Anxiety And Increases Confidence


You may have decided that you don’t want to be the work slob, but worrying about what you are going to wear in the morning is a tremendous waste of time and energy. If you’re a man who wants to truly be eligible in every sense of the word, you might as well learn how to dress for it.

Once you’ve decided your intention is to be your best, everything about how you dress becomes easy. You just need to figure out what works for you style-wise, and your morning routine becomes a stress-free 5 minutes. In fact, your morning routine will become an inspirational 5 minutes because when you look in the mirror, you’ll see an an amazing guy looking back at you. And this isn’t just feel good mumbo, jumbo. Studies show that when you like what you see in the mirror, it gives you a boost of confidence that impacts your mood all day long.

So take some time this fall to really figure out your style. Get the feedback of a friend or colleague that you trust and find out what they see in your appearance. Once you have that feedback, adjust accordingly so that you can align the way you see yourself with how others see you.

The Magic of Style

The magic of getting your style right is that once you know that you are projecting your very best, you can forget about your clothes. Feeling uncomfortable, awkward and out of place vanishes and you have more attention and energy to focus on what matters: the people in front of you and the tasks at hand. You’ll get noticed, receive compliments, and find that opportunities open up that weren’t there before. That’s why nailing personal style is a powerful way to become the awesome, eligible man that you really are.

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