The fall season not only brings a host of new and exciting fashion trends, but marks the end of sweltering summer nights under the stars. However, the cooler temperatures don’t necessarily mean the end of hot summer romance. Tap into your autumn creativity to keep things sizzling even as the mercury begins to drop.

For those whose spring and summer flings have blossomed into longer term romances, maintaining the spark is of paramount importance to keep that loving feeling alive. Keep things spicy by taking action to break old routines and foster spontaneity. If you’re used to getting frisky in the evening before bed, make a conscious effort to seek out your play partner during the day for some afternoon delight. Not only is it more fun with the lights on, but you won’t risk falling asleep before you get a chance to get down to it.

Don’t let your busy work schedule or nine-to-five get in the way of your relationship – keep breath mints by your bedside and ignite your passion as soon as the alarm clock sounds or schedule an extra long lunch break at a nearby hotel. Pretending to sneak around with the one you love is a great intro to role-playing and can help generate dialogue about other fantasies you might want to share.

Most importantly, make time to relax and be intimate together. Whether it’s a night in watching movies or a drive in the county to enjoy the colourful changing leaves, taking time to relax together can work wonders for a relationship. The hectic holiday season will be upon us before you know it, so enjoy whatever downtime you can get and play with new ways to keep your love life fresh and exciting.

For the swinging single, the fall is the perfect time to experiment with new interests and meet new people. September means that school is in and it’s not just for the kids. Seize the opportunity to sign up for a new course, workshop or athletic pursuit to get together and network with like-minded peers. Whether you’re looking for a casual friendship or longer-term love, trying out new activities and hobbies will increase your chances of making meaningful connections.

As you trade in your light linens and sandals for knits and denims, keep an open mind when interacting with partners old and new and you’ll stumble upon lots of imaginative ways to keep each other warm as the weather cools off.

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