Did another day pass and you found yourself saying: “I will start again tomorrow” for the fifth day in a row? Whether you are trying a new diet, a cleanse, or a new goal to get fit there always seems to be a time where you neglect your hopeful and healthy ways. Maybe you were too lazy to go to the gym or maybe you just couldn’t resist that one cookie and, trust me, I get it. However, we all slip up once in a while and it can get really frustrating. It is hard to stay motivated when you keep going off track of your goal and you do not see results. Here are some tips about how to stay motivated and get your spirits back after you get off track:

Create A Healthy Meal Plan

Even if you already have a designated meal plan for your lifestyle, sometimes it is beneficial to re-adjust that plan. It could be possible that you are going off track because you simply cannot handle the meal plan that you are currently following. Sometimes we give ourselves crazy standards that we think we can handle but, in some cases, we tend to put too much on our plate… no pun intended. Talk to your doctor about adjusting your meal plan to suit your personal needs. Also, for one week, write down what you eat and at the end of the week try to find what problematic issues are in your diet. Recognizing the problem will help you be able to solve it. You could also try to find unique and interesting recipes online that fit into your eating routine. This will help you to be able to eat food that is healthy and fits your plan.

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Create A Workout Routine

Working out… it is exhausting. However, sometimes when we work out at the gym or at home we are not actually targeting our goals. Perhaps your current workout routine is not necessarily helping what you want to achieve; try finding a routine that will help you gain muscle or lose weight in areas that you want/need rather than doing exercises that are popular. Popular workout plans that celebrities use may not be helpful to your own body because we all have different genetics which play a part in how we gain or lose muscle/weight. To find a workout plan that is the most beneficial you can talk to a personal trainer at the gym or do some research online by clicking some links and watching some workout videos.

Make A Good Playlist

I think we all know how tiring and un-motivating working out can be but it is easier to work out when you have a good playlist. Personally, I feel more motivated when I am running to upbeat throwback songs rather than listening to nothing at all. Music is so powerful and not only does it pump you up to work out and get moving but it also distracts you away from looking over at the clock and wishing that time would move faster. Like they say: looking at the clock never works… and that is the truth.

Get Some Gear

It may sound silly but what you wear and how you present yourself also plays a role in how motivated you are. Treat yourself and buy yourself some new workout clothes or that water bottle that costs WAY too much but is so pretty. Believe it or not, these materialistic things do, in a small way, motivate you to stay on track. I mean, you want to use that aesthetically pleasing and expensive water bottle so you can say you did, right? Dressing for the occasion makes you feel more confident and when you feel more confident at the gym you perform better. Having confidence not only helps you stay on track at the gym but it also helps you stay on track with your meal plan. When you are in a positive mindset it is more likely that you will see and feel results and that will keep you motivated.

Do Not Give Up!

We all have moments in our lives where we feel like giving up. However, do not give up on yourself because finding the right meal plan and workout routine that work together to help you is not an easy task. It is difficult to change your lifestyle and even if you slip up you can still get back on track. The trick to staying motivated is not only thinking about your success for the future but also appreciating the progress you have made so far and knowing that you are capable of accomplishing what you set your mind to. Do not forget that progress includes both success and failure.

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Remember, you have to root for yourself and believe that you can achieve your goals. You can do this! Goodluck!

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